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Lesley Simm (Date of birth: October 1952) is a former civil servant at the Defence Academy's Advanced Research and Assessment Group with a specialism in 'Islamist' movements, who went on to do work on Prevent with the Institute for Statecraft and the Active Change Foundation.

According to a biographical note on the ACF website Simm:

graduated from Nottingham University (History/Art History Jt Hons) in 1975. Following post-graduate work at London University, Lesley worked in Iran for the British Council and then, after a hasty departure from Iran in 1979, she moved to East Africa, working in Somalia and Tanzania. Lesley lectured in the UK for some years, leading a key academic area in her college, then, on her return to the Horn of Africa, she spent two years researching in Ethiopia, focussing on the management (and sharing) of water resources in the Nile Basin. Returning to the UK in 2000, Lesley worked for the Diocese of Winchester for three years, restructuring partnership links between the Diocese and the African Provinces (Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and, also Burma).[1]

Around 2003 Simm started working at the Defence Academy:

As Senior Research Fellow, and Director of the ‘Behaviours’ research group, at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Lesley spent six years developing teams of experts with understanding of the UK’s current strategic interests. It was during this time that she formed links with leading Muslim Scholars and academics studying the Islamic world, and ‘grass roots’ groups working with vulnerable young people in the UK.[1]

It appears that Simm worked in the Advanced Research and Assessment Group where she reportedly specialised in 'interstate relations and the new security agenda in the post-Cold War era' and 'Political ideology and Islam.'[2] Her 'present work' was reported in 2005 to involve: 'Detailed briefing papers on Iraq, Afghanistan, aspects of religious extremism and patterns of violence.' In 2007 Simm was listed as 'Director Islamic World and PRISM' at ARAG.[3] In 2009 Simm was listed as 'Director, Ideology, Theology and Philosophy Research Cluster, UK Defence Academy'.[4]

In November 2006 Simm became a director of the Institute for Statecraft a defence related think tank that works closely with the Active Change Foundation. She resigned as a director of the IoS in 2012, but remains listed as a Fellow.[5]

In 2010-11 Simm was listed as the Chief Executive of the Active Change Foundation on the ACF website.[6][1]


Company directorships

Role: Director
Appointed on: 16 February 2010
Resigned on: 1 July 2013
Nationality: British
Country of residence: England
Occupation: Civil Servant [5]
Role: Director
Appointed on: 23 November 2006
Resigned on: 8 August 2012
Nationality: British
Country of residence: England
Occupation: Civil Servant [5]


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