LLM communications Staff and clients 30.11.03 - 31.05.04

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LLM Communications Ltd

Address(es) in UK


Bugle House, 21A Noel

Street, Soho, London W1F 8GR

Tel: 020 7437 1122

Fax: 020 7437 7788

e-mail: llm@llm.co.uk

Craig Leviton/Rod


Website: http://www.llm.co.uk


Offices outside UK


Staff (employed and freelance) providing consultancy services as at 31/05/04

Caroline Hanlon

Joanne Hageman

Sarah Clifton

Sara El-nusairi

Nadine Manji

Rebecca Cardozo (Freelance)

Fee-Paying clients for whom UK consultancy services provided 31/12/03 to 31/05/04

Fee-Paying Clients for whom only UK monitoring services provided 31/12/03 to 31/05/04

Food Standards Agency