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Judy Larkin is 'a specialist in reputation management, crisis management and risk communication with over 25 years’ international experience.'[1] Along with Michael Regester she founded the PR firm Regester Larkin. Larkin is a 'former head of corporate relations for Logica plc', and she 'has held board level positions with a number of major UK and US consultancies and has worked extensively in Europe, the United States and Australasia.'[2]

According to a biographical note she 'advises organizations on how to anticipate and assess threats and opportunities from emerging issues and to develop response strategies designed to align operational and reputational objectives with stakeholder expectations.'[1]

Larkin is a senior research fellow, advisory board member and lecturer at the Risk Management Centre of King’s College, London University and has reportedly lectured at 'a number of universities and business schools, including the Centre for Risk Analysis at Harvard University’s School of Public Health.'[1]

Larkin's client experience includes working for Bayer, British Nuclear Fuels Limited, Shell, GSK, IBM, Vodafone, Cable & Wireless, Baxter, 3M, British Airways and Sony Corporation. She is a member of the International Public Relations Association and a Fellow of the Institute of Public Relations.[3][2] She is a board member of the Washington DC-based Issue Management Council whose members include Bivings Group, AstraZeneca, and GlaxoSmithKline. Its 'partners' include Shell and the Philip Morris Management Corporation. [4]

Larkin is also a Fellow of the Royal Institution (RI). In July 2000 she took part in 'Interrogating the Precautionary Principle' , an Institute of Ideas event at the Royal Institution.[5] This was billed as: 'eminent scientists, social scientists and writers will question the premises of the precautionary principle'. The event was 'convened' by Susan Greenfield of the RI, and Tony Gilland and Helene Guldberg of the LM network. Unsurprisingly, for an LM network event all sessions had at least one network associate (all former members of the Revolutionary Communist Party) speaking or chairing. Thus Helene Guldberg, former publisher, LM magazine chaired the first session, Anne Furedi, director of communications, British Pregnancy Advisory Service, chaired the second. Former Party leader Frank Furedi spoke on the third panel along with Judy Larkin in a debate chaired by Susan Greenfield. Tracey Brown and Ellen Raphael who went on to work for Regester Larkin both contributed to LM and are part of the LM network, as is the Institute of Ideas.