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AstraZeneca Plc is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology giant.

Astra (UK-based) and Zeneca (Sweden-based) merged in 1998 in one of the largest European mergers ever.[1] AstraZeneca is UK-based and is active in 100 countries, with 67,000 employees.

The company has six main therapy interest areas: cancer, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infection, neuroscience, respiratory & inflammation. AstraZeneca’s products include Seroquel (schizophrenia and bipolar disease).

  • Market Capital £m: 2000: 2001: 56,334.9 FT UK 500 (2001)
  • Turnover £m: 2001: 12,325.0 FT UK 500 (2001)


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Ventures

'AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust which in 2001 sponsored the 'Little Book of Experiments' which was distributed to UK primary schools as part of the National year of Science. programme.

In 2001, AstraZeneca's overall community spend totalled $19 million.' (Source: AstraZeneca Annual Review 2001, page 23)

AZ UK's CALM Programme - AstraZeneca UK's CALM Programme is designed to promote well-being by helping employees achieve the right balance between work and leisure. The Programme aims to help people recognise signs of stress, and to provide routes of confidential support.'

The Balanced Living Charter launched in 2001, developed in response to the leadership team's concern about stress-related illness and is used as a basis for action to improve the management of pressure. Its creation was intended for AstraZeneca staff working at the UK R&D sites to obtain the appropriate balance between work and home life and is intended to be used as a basis for action to improve the management of stress.'

Reaching Out: AstraZeneca Anniversary - to mark their first anniversary in June 2000, AstraZeneca reached out into their local communities around the world. Examples include: 1) A trip to London Eye, hosted by the employees from Corporate Office in London for local schoolchildren who might otherwise not had the opportunity. 2) New science and maths books were donated to two local high schools for 1st year pupils by AstraZeneca R&D in Sodertajle, Sweden. 3) Over 200 employees in Portugal donated their tickets to David Copperfield's Magic Show to underprivileged children in their community, 40 children with cancer and other illnesses and 50 people with learning difficulties. 4) In Argentina a taskforce was set up to co-ordinate a Respiratory Health Conference where patients, doctors and nurses from a local hospital were informed about asthma, its symptoms, causes and treatments. 5) In Thailand the company made a special donation of 100,000 Baht to a scholarship fund for medical students at Mahidol University.'

The AstraZeneca 'Inspiring Science' Programme for Schools is run in conjunction with the CREST Awards Scheme in the UK, comprises a programme of project work that is enjoyable, relevant to the secondary education curriculum (ages 11-18) and designed to encourage young people's interest in science. There is a competitive element to the programme, with regional competitions and a national final. Cash prizes are offered to the schools of the students who deliver the best projects.'

Drivers for Change is the name for Alderley Park site's Green Commuting project which has been operating since 1997 and is aimed at reducing 'single occupancy vehicles' for staff travelling to work. Car sharing, improved private and public bus services and the provision of cyclist and jogger changing facilities have meant an 8% reduction in car use on site. This and a number of other projects associated with car travel by staff has won the Chief Executive's Award 2000 for Travel Safety.'

'During 2001, AstraZeneca was included in the FTSE4Good Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index following independent assessment of their approach to CSR.'[4]

PR, Lobbying and Business Intelligence agencies


AstraZeneca was listed as a client for Business Insights[8] and German PR company FischerAppelt Kommunikation[9]

In 2008, AstraZeneca was listed as a client for Innovex[10] they are also listed as a member of the American Benefits Council[11]

EU Lobbying

AstraZeneca have a lobbyist with a European Parliament pass, allowing the bearer virtually unlimited access to the Parliament's buildings.[12]



Patient Groups

Agreements held between AstraZeneca and Patient Groups in 2007 for the UK[13]


  • HM Treasury's Liaison Committee Review of Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) Rules - company representative is Ian Brimicombe [14]




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