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Jim Patrick was an MI5 officer.

Patrick was described by Peter Wright as a 'one-eyed Gurkha officer who worked as an interrogator for D3'. Wright headed D3 section in the 1960s.[1]

Wright states in Spycatcher that together with Patrick he interrogated a half-Polish MI5 officer who confessed to spying but immediately retracted the confession as a joke. This officer, who had succeeded Michael Hanley as head of MI5's Polish section and had himself interrogated Michael Goleniewski, was sacked from MI5 as a result.[2] Christopher Andrew's official history of MI5 states that Wright misidentified the other interrogator, who was in fact John Day.[3]

In the early 1970s, Patrick was stationed at the British High Commission, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was appointed by the Sri Lankan Government as a security expert to train their Special Branch.[4]


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