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Jim Messina is the UK Conservative Party's campaign strategy manager for the 2015 General Election. He was involved in both of American President Barack Obama's election victories.


Messina began his career working for Democrat senators and Congress representatives, including Senators Max Baucus[1] and Byron Dorgan.[2]

In 2008 he was appointed national chief of staff for the Obama's election campaign.[3] For this role he received advise from Google's Eric Schmidt on managing information; Apple's Steve Jobs on increasing message reach; director Steven Spielberg about capturing the attention of the American public; and Vogue's Anna Wintour on themed merchandise. After Obama's victory he was appointed White House deputy chief of staff.

In 2011 Obama asked Messina to leave his job at the White House to join him in his campaign for re-election in the 2012 Presidential elections. Messina decided the 2012 campaign would differ from the 2008 one and would feature more 'upbeat feel-good messages'. After Obama's second victory, Messina began a new role as the 'head of organising for America' - the organisation was devoted to mobilising support for legislation in Obama's second term.

In August 2013 it was announced the UK Conservative Party had appointed Messina as the campaign strategy adviser in David Cameron's bid for re-election in 2015. He will work with spin doctor Lynton Crosby and the Party's co-chairmen Grant Shapps and Lord Feldman.[4] He will also be against Labour's campaign manager and former Obama team member David Axelrod.


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