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Itschak Shrem is a member of the board of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya by establishing the Shrem, Fudim, Kelner Chair in Finance with his colleagues Avigdor Kelner and Yair Fudim.

Shrem, began his business career in a series of senior positions at Clal Industries and Investments, and is the chairman and founder of Shrem, Fudim, Kelner and Company, one of Israel's largest investment firms. Shrem founded one of Israel's most succesful venture capital firms Polaris nowknown as (Pitango).

The Herzliya conference website describes Shrem as:

"A Zionist committed to advancing Israel society, Itschak Shrem serves on the boards of a number of public institutions, including the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and the Weizmann Institute of Science. His tendency to look toward the future and appreciation of the need for private institution of higher education unfettered by bureaucracy led him to join the IDC Herzliya leadership by serving on the IDC Herzliya Board of Directors and as chairman of the board of the Israel Friends of IDC Herzliya"[1].


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