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The Institute of Medicine was chartered in 1970 and in its website states that the American 'nation turns to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies for science-based advice on matters of biomedical science, medicine, and health'[1].

The IOM describes itself as a nonprofit organization which 'provides a vital service by working outside the framework of government to ensure scientifically informed analysis and independent guidance. The IOM's mission is to serve as adviser to the nation to improve health. The Institute provides unbiased, evidence-based, and authoritative information and advice concerning health and science policy to policy-makers, professionals, leaders in every sector of society, and the public at large'[2].



The IOM is governed by a 'Council' of members. In 2008, the Council is reported to include[3]...

Board Members

The IOM is organized into 8 oversight Boards. These consist of the 'Board on African Science Academy Development (joint with the National Research Council [NRC]); Board on Children, Youth, and Families (joint with NRC); Food and Nutrition Board; Board on Global Health; Board on Health Care Services; Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice; Board on Health Sciences Policy; and Board on Military and Veterans Health'[5].

Many of the largest pharmaceutical firms are represented within these Boards, some of its members include...

Board on Health Sciences Policy - Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders

  • Stevin H Zorn - Vice President and Head of Central Nervous System Disorders Research at Pfizer Global Research and Development (he also co-leads Pfizer’s CNS Therapeutic Area Leadership Team)[14].

Board of Global Health

Board on Health Sciences Policy


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