Information Operations and Influence Activity (IOIA) Symposium

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The Information Operations and Influence Activity (IOIA) Symposium is an annual event which takes place at the Shrivenham campus of the Defence Academy organised by Cranfield University. The Symposium is unclassified and provides a platform for a number of speakers from the information operations community in the UK and a beyond. The Symposium hosts around 150 delegates and returned for its 3rd year in March 2010 with the theme of "Influence in Insurgency"[1].

The Symposium is organised and run to complement and enhance the Defence Academy's postgraduate course in Information Operations. Both elements are run by Darren Lawrence, who has noted the utility of the Symposium not just to share ideas, but as a place where contacts can be made within the international information operations community, below is a list of speakers and their topics from the previous three events. They include a number of military personnel from the Information Operations side of the UK MOD, notably from the Directorate of Targeting and Information Operations and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, as well as an increasing number of representatives of private companies.

IOIA Symposium 2008[2]

IOIA Syposium 2009 [3]

IOIA Symposium 2010[4]


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