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Indigo Strategic Communications (Indigo PR Ltd) office, 27 Maritime Street, Leith, Edinburgh
Indigo Strategic Communications (Indigo PR Ltd) office, 27 Maritime Street, Leith, Edinburgh

Indigo Strategic Communications is the trading name for Indigo (PR) Ltd, a PR and lobbying firm established in 1998 and based in Edinburgh, with links to the Conservative Party.

Not to be confused with Indigo PR Co Ltd or Indigo Public Affairs.


Indigo is a professional communications consultancy that builds and manages reputations and brands for companies and individuals.

Of its lobbying services, Indigo says: 'With our experience and knowledge of Scottish society and its systems (political, business and community), we know that it is not only about direct communications, but about gathering supporters and, when necessary, using their help to promote your message.'

It provides the following lobbying services: 'advocacy in and influencing of the policy-making process (national and local); business and peer group; and community campaigns; strategic planning advice and delivery; community engagement; political and stakeholder contact programmes; explanation of the political landscape; supply of briefing notes on issues or legislation; training in all areas of public affairs' related activity; and support for consultation documents.[1]



Indigo does not sign up to the voluntary transparency registers operated by the lobbying industry, which would require it to make public its lobbying clients. Nor does it (obviously) list its clients on its website. Companies who have used Indigo and who provide the company with testimonials for the website include:

Their client list also included the Countryside Alliance (c2007)

It also included two Conservative MEPs: Struan Stevenson and John Purvis. Purvis was in the news in 2006 regarding a possible conflict of interests between his business interests in the financial industry and his subsequent parliamentary activity. [2]



Address: 27 Maritime Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6SE


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