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Harry L. Radzyner (born Lodz, Poland 1933) is a German based businessman active in Zionist causes. He was appointed a director at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) on its inception in 1994 and remains on the board as of August 2012, according to the IDC website.[1] According to the IDC, Radyner 'was the first to respond to Prof. Uriel Reichman’s challenge to establish the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. He was the first to contribute to IDC Herzliya in the days when it was merely a dream and a vacant army base.'[2] The Jerusalem Post reported that the centre 'raised some $25 million in donations for its development budget' between 1994 and 1999. [3] Radzyner was among those who gave 'multimillion dollar gifts', who also included Ron Lauder and Ted Arison. All three 'have been recognized with schools at the IDC named in their honor', reported the Post.[3]

Radzyner was a recipient of an 'Honorary Fellowship of the Decade awards'[4] for having 'demonstrated Zionism, initiative, social responsibility, philanthropy, and professional and political success', according to the IDC website.[5] Others honoured were Shari Arison, Ronald Lauder, Itschak Shrem and Samuel Zell. The ceremony during the meeting of the International Mission of IDC Friends Associations is part of the IDC's tenth anniversary celebrations.[4]

A survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, Radzyner reportedly 'visits IDC Herzliya frequently, telling his personal story to the students. In this way he maintains the connection with the students that is so important to him, and also keeps alive the story of the Jews who did not survive World War II'.[6]


Radzyner was, according to a biographical note posted on the website of the IDC, 'born to a distinguished Jewish family in Lodz, Poland.'[7] Radzyner 'spent World War II in the Lodz Ghetto, the besieged city of Dresden, and the Auschwitz, Stutthof, and Theresienstadt concentration camps. After the war, Dr. Radzyner’s father sent him to New York, where he attended the Forest Hills High School and then the School of Technology of the City University of New York.'[2]

Radzyner 'graduated at the top of his class in mechanical engineering and began working at Bell Telephone Laboratories. Following a vacation in Europe, where he met his future wife, he returned to Germany and opened his own business there. He went into jewelry manufacturing and distribution, ultimately becoming one of the largest outfitters in Germany.'[2]

According to the IDC 'Dr. Radzyner and his wife Helena are dedicated Zionists who are involved in Jewish affairs in Germany.'[2]

Radzyner is reportedly 'very active in the affairs of the Jewish communities in Dusseldorf and Mallorca, serving as an honorary member of the board of each community. He is also on the board of various committees of the local Jewish community in Germany, B’nei Brith, and Magbit. Dr Radzyner is active in the German-American Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Club of Industry in Dusseldorf. He is an honorary senator of Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf.'[2]

Radzyner 'founded the German Friends of the IDC'.[7]


Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya | The Radzyner School of Law | German Friends of the IDC


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