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Alias: unknown
Deployment: unknown

HN110 is the cipher given to a former officer with the Special Demonstration Squad, who served in back office or as a manager for the unit.[1]

Their name will be released in the Inquiry in due course[1] and any cover name used will be considered at the 'document redaction stage'.[2]

As an SDS Officer

HN110 is mentioned in the risk assessment of HN30, an SDS cover officers. It names HN110 as a back office detective constable in the last period of the unit, whom senior management (HN314, HN275) of the unit 'had it in for'.[3]

In the Undercover Public Inquiry

  • On 11 May 2018: directed that any anonymity applications to be filed by 31 May 2018 for both the MPS legal team and the Designated Lawyers team.[4]
  • 21 June 2018: no application to restrict name made; name to be released in due course.[1][5]

Other material

They did not use a cover name as an SDS officer.[6]