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This is the Globalisation portal for all pages linked to Globalisation and Anti-Globalisation research reports. For resources to help you investigate see Investigative Research.

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Proposed Projects

Climate Change and the Environment

1. Globalisation: Green Alliance "Green Alliance Website"
2. Globalisation: International Policy Network "IPN website"
3. Globalisation: Global Warming Policy Foundation "GWPF Website"
4. Globalisation: CEPOS (also known as the Globalisation: Danish Centre for Political Studies) "CEPOS Website"
5. Globalisation: Atlas Economic Research Foundation "Atlas Website"
6. Globalisation: Cato Institute "CATO Website"

See: Pays To Deny Climate Change, take oil money and use it to fund climate deniers

Food, Eating and Obesity

7. Globalisation: National Obesity Forum / Globalisation: International Obesity Taskforce "NOF Website"
8. Globalisation: European Food Information Council | Globalisation: International Food Information Council "EUFIC Site"
9. Globalisation: Media Smart "Media Smart Website"
10.Globalisation: Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum/Globalisation: Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum "FHF Site"

Conflict and Private Security Industry

The conflict communication and reconstruction industry - The work of 'rebuilding' areas destroyed by war and other excesses of globalisation is big business, as is the PR element of these wars. See for example:

11a. Globalisation: Post Conflict People - an NGO "committed to reviving societies suffering from recent or on-going conflicts", whose directors happen to be the directors of the British Association of Private Security Companies "PCP Website"; Globalisation: Albany Associates - a related group expert in communicating the 'reconstruction' message Albany Associates - Strategic Communication Project;
11b.Globalisation: Glevum Associates - who take 'market research' into the warzone Glevum - Why Glevum? ;
11c.Globalisation: Bell Pottinger Sans Frontieres" - A wing of the PR giant Chime Communications focussed on "the provision of communications strategies and programmes for international businesses, countries, institutions, politicians and high-profile individuals" "BPSF Website"/Globalisation: Leonie Industries - who go beyond market research into 'cultural advisory services' and worldwide media distribution Leon Industries - About.

Digital Diplomacy

12. Globalisation: Alliance for Youth Movements "AYM Website" - a group founded and funded by the likes of google, facebook, youtube, pepsi, cbc, MTV and the US State Department to promote digital activism - such as the infamous 'twitter revolution' in Iran. This is an important developing area in which the role of globalisation in the media and communication is very interesting, see for example this essay by Sami Ben Gharbia on internet freedom and Arab digital activism.

Free Market Think Tanks

13. Globalisation: European Ideas Network - One of at least four networks of free market think tanks. "EIN website"
14. Globalisation: Centre for Social Justice new Conservative think tanks set up in 2004 by Iain Duncan-Smith "CSJ Website"

Members of the Stockholm Network

15. Globalisation: Business for New Europe
16. Globalisation: International Council for Capital Formation
17. Globalisation: Taxpayers' Alliance
18. Globalisation: Politeia


19. Globalisation: New Health Network

Defence/Arms Industry

20. Globalisation: First Defence/Globalisation: Terrington Management
21. Globalisation: Air League/Globalisation: Associate Parliamentary Aerospace Group/Globalisation: Air League Educational Trust
22. Globalisation: United Kingdom National Defence Association/Globalisation: UK Defence Forum
23. Globalisation: Atlantic Partnership/Globalisation: Atlantic Bridge
24. Globalisation: Xe Services LLC - Formerly Blackwater Worldwide.