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Gen Next is an "exclusive, Membership-driven organization of successful and committed individuals aimed at overcoming generational challenges in three areas: economic growth, education and international security". [1] It has two sister groups, the Gen Next Foundation, and the Gen Next Political Action Committee.[2]


Gen Next was reportedly in existence in startup mode in 2005, when CEO Michael P. Davidson was hired as the organisation's first staffer.[3] The Gen Next Political Action Committee appears to have been its earliest institutional form.[4]

Gen Next was incorporated in California on 4 October 2008.[5] According to the Orange County Register it was founded by real estate executive Paul Makarechian.[2] Roman Tsunder was also a co-founder.[6]

Ventures incubated by Gen Next include co-founded by Gen Next members Jason Lieberman, Roman Tsunder and Jared Cohen in 2008.[4]

The Gen Next Foundation was launched by Gen Next members in 2010.[3]


Gen Next is a funder of the online think-tank Against Violent Extremism, formed in collaboration with Google Ideas and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.[2]

As of 2014, the US branch of the Quilliam Foundation was based at Gen Next's Newport beach address, with Gen Next CEO Michael Davidson serving as its principal officer.[7]

Gen Next has bankrolled a 're-direct' project run by the UK based Moonshot CVE:

This Pilot has involved four researcher partners, videos from 83 different content creators (33 in English and 50 in Arabic), two lead partners, one market research firm and one technology incubator. We believe this collaborative model is particularly powerful. We’re grateful to the many advisors who provided input and advice at every stage of this process, in particular the Gen Next Foundation which is currently supporting our work in North America.[8]

Gen Equity PAC

The Gen Equity PAC is a political action committee linked to Gen Next. While Gen Next describes itself as non-partisan, has described Gen Equity as strongly Republican.[2]

The PAC has donated to Republican candidates and on the 30 June 2009, gave $5000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. [9]


Members are only admitted after being invited to join and pay a $10,000 annual contribution. [10] To be invited to join Gen Next, you are first required to have been nominated by two active members of the group. [11] As of May 2014, Gen Next had 212 members.[2] Members include:

Glen Ackerman[2] | Brian Calle[2] | Kevin Chavous[4] | Jason Childs[12] | Jared Cohen[12] | Amanda Currie[2] | Jon Fleischman[2] | Jeff Gehl[12] | Jason Liebman[12] | William H. Lyon[2] [ Rep. Kevin McCarthy[4] | Dan McClory[4] | Ken Mehlman[4] | Micha Mikailian[2] | Maajid Nawaz[4] | Farah Pandith[4] | Jared Polis[4] | Pierre-Richard Prosper[4] | Vinny Smith[4] | Roman Tsunder[12] | Yuri Vanetik[4] | Juan C. Zarate[2]


Gen Next Foundation board (2014)

Gen Next Foundation Staff


  • Address: 4100 MACARTHUR BLVD, STE 150. NEWPORT BEACH CA 92660.

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