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Jason Liebman is a former investment banker at Credit Suisse and is also a board member and co-founder of the Alliance for Youth Movements. He is also a co-founder of Howcast. [1] Liebman also worked at Applied Semantics before Google purchased it in 2003. [2] After Applied Semanics was purchased by Google, Liebman went on to work for Google for 4 years where he "played an integral role growing strategic content licensing and monetization relationships for the YouTube, Google Video and AdSense teams". [3] Like his fellow co-founders of the Alliance for Youth Movements, Jared Cohen and Roman Tsunder, Liebman is a member of the group Gen Next which was set up by Tsunder. [4] During the 2008 United States Presidential Election, Liebman donated $5000 to the McCain/Palin Victory 2008 committee on the 3 November 2008 and this money was eventually transferred to the Republican National Committee on the 31 December 2008. [5] Through this donation, it would appear that Mr Liebman is a Republican Party supporter.


Howcast was set up in February 2008 with the intention to provide the "largest - and highest quality - how-to videos on the internet" and has links to companies and public bodies such as the State Department, US Department of Defence, Kodak and Ford. [6] Liebman set up Howcast with the help of three other people, which also included his twin sister Darlene. [7] Howcast has offices in both San Francisco and New York. [8]

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