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Emma Boon giving a quotation about wasted tax to the Daily Express

Emma Boon was special adviser to Elizabeth Truss, in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from July 2015[1] until the cabinet reshuffle of July 2016. She is now a special adviser in the Department for Transport.

Boon is a former campaign director and former campaign manager of the Taxpayers' Alliance. A former broadcast journalist, Boon joined the think tank in February 2010 as a campaign manager, in November 2010 she became the campaign director.[2][3] In 2000 she co-authored an article in The Times on city trading with Fraser Nelson.[4]

According to her twitter, Boon also worked for the Brunswick Group.[5]


Boon graduated from Edinburgh University with a Masters in Mental Philosophy before gaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from City University in London. She then moved on to work as a freelance journalist in London and then a broadcast journalist in the West Midlands, Essex and Suffolk. According to her biography on the Taxpayers' Alliance site her journalistic experience gave her 'the opportunity to interview scores of politicians including the Prime Minister, and report on hundreds of examples of taxpayers’ money being wasted'.[6]


Taxpayers' Alliance | The Times | Fraser Nelson


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