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About E!Sharp

'E!Sharp, a magazine on the European Union, was launched in December 2001...The aim of the magazine is to humanise the EU's activities and demystify its work...focus on the people who wield the real power in Europe make understanding how the EU works a pleasure, not a chore - hence the magazine's appeal to businessmen and policy-makers alike'.

'E!Sharp is now being widely read in Brussels and in national capitals around the EU, with subscribers ranging from EU ambassadors and policy-makers to chief executives of leading companies. Copies are also sent to top European Commission officials and MEPs every month'.

'E!Sharp explains how the process works in theory - and in practice. It sets the work of the Union's institutions in context, examining how the different players on the EU stage - from politicians and policy-makers to lobbyists and non-governmental organisations - interact and how decisions are made'.

This is according to E!Sharp website

E!Sharp website registered by Encompass Publications Limited, The Classic Suite, 25 Imperial Square, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK GL50 1QZ

Founder and Publisher

Paul Adamson, one of the most experienced lobbyists in Brussels and a millionaire 'high value' donor to the Labour Party.

Contributors to E!Sharp

Following information given on E!Sharp website

  • Simon O'Connor an EU analyst with the Brussels based think-tank, 'The Centre', where he works alongside E! Sharp founder, Paul Adamson.
  • Matthew d'Ancona deputy editor and political columnist of The Sunday Telegraph. He also writes a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph.
  • Lionel Barber is editor of the Financial Times...he was US managing editor of the US edition and FT.com.
  • Michael Bruter is lecturer in European politics at the London School of Economics...and recently published Citizens of Europe? The Emergence of a Mass European Identity.
  • Stephen Castle has been the Brussels correspondent of The Independent since 1998. Before that, he was political editor of The Independent on Sunday and worked in Westminster for nine years.
  • David Gow is The Guardian's European business editor.
  • Robin McKie has been science editor of The Observer since 1982.
  • Geoff Meade is the European editor of PA News...He is also well-known in Brussels as a columnist and comedy writer.
  • Anand Menon is professor of European politics and director of the European Research Institute, University of Birmingham, Britain's largest academic centre for European studies. From 1996 to 2001, he was university lecturer in European politics, Oxford University.
  • Wolfgang Münchau is associate editor and a commentator on European economic and political affairs for the Financial Times, based in Brussels. He was previously co-editor of the Financial Times Deutschland.
  • David Rennie is the Europe correspondent of The Daily Telegraph.
  • Stephen Sackur recently returned to London to present 'Hardtalk' on BBC World and News 24 after three years as the BBC's Europe correspondent based in Brussels.
  • Arun Sarin is CEO of Vodafone Group plc, the world's largest telecoms company.
  • Sarah Schaefer is director of the European Programme at the Foreign Policy Centre...She previously worked as a political adviser to former Europe Minister Denis MacShane.
  • Conor Sweeney is the European editor of the Irish Independent, the largest circulation newspaper in Ireland, and has been based in Brussels for six years.
  • Jenny Watson is chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission.
  • Nicholas Watt was appointed European editor of The Guardian in 2004.
  • Shirin Wheeler is a BBC Europe correspondent who has been reporting both on EU issues and Europe-wide stories...She currently presents a weekly programme on the work of the European Parliament.
  • Craig Winneker is international editor of TechCentralStation.com and...he was previously deputy editor of European Voice.


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