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David Jordan is the Controller Editorial Policy at the BBC.

From a biographical note on the BBC website:

David Jordan entered television journalism by accident. He started his working life in pressure groups and worked for Age Concern England, at The Low Pay Unit (with its then director Frank Field) and at the GMB Union. He became an expert on low pay, poverty and social security, writing pamphlets and contributing to a number of books on related subjects. In 1984, in the middle of the miners' strike, he was recruited to Weekend World, the flagship current affairs programme at London Weekend Television, then presented by Brian Walden.
In 1988 he joined his Weekend World colleague David Aaronovitch in a move to the BBC to help set up 'On The Record'. In 1989 he became its Deputy Editor. He was Deputy Editor of 'Panorama' between 1990 and 1992 and whilst there he originated and edited its award-winning expose of Robert Maxwell. As Acting Editor he took the programme through the 1992 General Election before returning to 'On The Record' as its Editor.
Between 1994 and 1995 he spent a year on attachment as the BBC's Chief Political Advisor before getting back just in time to cover the resignation and re-election of John Major as Conservative Party Leader in 1995.[1]


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