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CTF Partners Limited is a 'polling and market research' company run by political strategists Mark Fullbrook and Lynton Crosby, who co-founded it in March 2010.

It was incorporated as a private limited company (Company No. 07196537) on 19 March 2010 in the UK. [1]


Emails on cigarettes

In October 2014, it was revealed Mark Fullbrook, co-founder of CTF Partners asked Sir Robert Atkins to track down comments made by the government on Ireland's plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes. Fullbrook's email said, “Lovely to see you and Dulcie [Atkins’s wife] last night.” He goes on to explain that it is “in the public domain” that the government has issued the comments and asks: “Can you help identify which Dept issued these comments and what these comments are? On this one time is critical.” Atkins in turn asked Philip Bradbourn, a Tory MEP, “Is there anything you can do to elicit the information that he requires from the relevant Commissioner’s office? I gather that this is a bit urgent!”. A spokesperson for CTF claims that once Fullbrook was told the comments were not in the public domain, the matter went no further.[2]





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