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Crosby Textor's Mayfair offices, 7 Old Park Lane

Crosby Textor is a political campaigning, polling and communications consultancy, set up by Australian lobbyists Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor. It has offices in both the UK and Australia.

Lynton Crosby was election campaign adviser to British prime minister David Cameron from late 2013 until 2015.


  • Sir Lynton Crosby AO, managing director & co-founder. Campaign adviser and manager in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America
  • Mark Textor, managing director and co-founder. One of the three founding Asia-Pacific team leaders of Wirthlin Worldwide.[1]
  • Mark Fullbrook, Partner,Group and Managing Director, CTF Partners.
  • Remo Nogarotto (Milan/Dubai/Sydney), Managing Director, CT International and Corporate Advisory
  • Yaron Finkelstein (Sydney), Chief Executive Officer, CT Australasia
  • Eugene Curley CMG OBE (London), Managing Director, CTF Solutions
  • Jon de Jager (London), Managing Director, CTF Private
  • Chris Blackhurst (London), Managing Director, CTF Corporate and Financial Communications
  • Andrew Hirst (Canberra), Director and Head, Canberra Liaison.
  • Samuel Paske (Tasmania), Chief Operations Director, EMRS [2]


NSW staff

Details of all persons or employees who conducted lobbying activities according to the NSW Lobbyists Register (as at 15/07/2013)[3]

Appointments 2014

Lobbying the Government

In Autumn 2010 Crosby Textor presented a strategy paper on expanding the role of private healthcare in the UK to a group of large UK private healthcare providers called H5 Private Healthcare Alliance. The paper proposed targeting key government figures, including David Cameron, to 'enhance the "size, acceptability and profitability of the private healthcare market”' and that '"insufficient public funds” were a strategic “opportunity” for private healthcare firms.'[5]







  • NSW Minerals Council - commissioned Crosby Textor to conduct 'a detailed research project on community attitudes to mining in NSW' which found 70 per cent support, as in the previous two years. [7]


Contact, Resources and Notes


Twitter: Tex at @markatextor


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