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The Council on Global Terrorism is a group of scholars and government officials. According to its website "the Council aims to facilitate dialogue between the most knowledgeable minds on terrorism and promote information-sharing that will have a direct impact on our ability to prevent and respond to future attacks."[1] As well as several terrorism experts, members includes Lee Hamilton, co-chair of the Iraqi Study Group, and David Bradley - Media Executive and founder of the business intelligence group Advisory Board Company - who almost certainly funds the group.


According to Domain Tools the organisation's website was created on 30 August 2006. The first public reference to the group was in a Guardian article published on 27 June 2006.[2] According to Domain Tools the group's website is registered to a not-for-profit entity called the Atlantic Monthly Foundation. Press sources confirm is the institution behind the Council.[3]. Atlantic Monthly Foundation is an affiliate of David Bradley's Atlantic Media which publishes The National Journal and The Atlantic.[4]

In February 2007 the Council published a book called State of the Struggle: Report on the Battle against Global Terrorism. The book was originally a photocopy report for limited distribution, each section of which granted a letter grade to particular areas in the 'war on terror'. A summary at the end groups the grades into a final "report card".[5]




Contact Information

Council on Global Terrorism
600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Tel: 202.266.7036
Fax: 202.266.6001


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