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Cornelia Oddie has been a moral conservative actist. She was a member of the Executive Committee (re-elected for a further term in 2004) and had been Vice Chair of the Family Education Trust.[1]

Media connections

According to a report in the Observer in 2000:

The deputy director of Family and Youth Concern is Cornelia Oddie, wife of William Oddie, editor of the Catholic Herald. The Herald is owned by Conrad Black, who also owns the Daily Telegraph. Both the Telegraph and the Daily Mail have close links with the Christian groups and often campaign on issues, such as Section 28.[2]


In 1998, as 'deputy director' of Family and Youth Concern, Oddie objected to a play on paedophilia. What is interesting is that her comments appear to imply not just the alleged 'dangerously sympathetic portrayal of abuse', but any portrayal of child sexual abuse.[3] According to the Independent:

Cornelia Oddie,... said that every time paedophilia is portrayed in drama she believes the crime is perceived as less shocking and more acceptable. "I think any presentation of paedophilia is damaging," she said. "After all, we do not want it to be seen as an equivalent to car theft: something that we don't really like, but are prepared to put up with.
"Children are always deeply affected by sexual interference from adults and I don't think we should jeopardise our protective attitude to children. We are walking a tightrope."[3]

This notably runs against the efforts of those who have fought over many years to force the sexual abuse of children onto the public agenda in order that there can be a collective response.


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