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Competere Group is a 'free market consultancy' founded by the UK think tank Legatum Institute’s Shanker Singham.

It says it works with governments to help them introduce pro-market reforms.

It has also joined up with lobbying firms in Washington and Brussels to offer Brexit advice to companies.

‘Trusted advisors in the major Brexit capitals’

Competere Group has joined with Washington lobby shop Transnational Strategy Group and the Brussels-based lobbying firm, EPPA to create a 'Brexit practice group' to help companies 'understand the policy landscape and advise on strategy'.

They are lobbyists-for-hire who, in their words, are 'ready to assist your firm in mitigating risk and creating opportunities as the UK exits from the European Union'.[1]

Competere is also described as 'actively engaged with the key stakeholders – including governments, industry and media – to deliver a positive, productive outcome from the process of leaving the European Union.' This presumably refers to Competere CEO, Shanker Singham's role at the Legatum Institute, and his regular meetings with key ministers in the process, such as Brexit secretary David Davis and international trade secretary Liam Fox. It could also refer to Comptere consultant Molly Kiniry's job as a columnist for the British newspaper, The Telegraph.[2]

Pushing market reform globally

Competere says it engages with governments around the world ‘who seek to harness the power of the market economy through a comprehensive pro-competitive regulatory framework’. Since it was founded in 1997 and subsequently rebranded, it claims to have worked in in Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, Canada, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, S. Korea, Japan, Russia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Morocco, Republika Srpske in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the UK and the US.


  • Shanker Singham, CEO of Competere Group and Director of Economic Policy and Prosperity Studies at the Legatum Institute; described in his biog as 'one of the world's leading trade and competition lawyers', Singham is a lawyer from Surrey with a 20-year career in the US and is a former trade advisor to the US government. Although, a one-time senior US trade official told the Times, he was surprised to see Singham described in the British press as a “former trade negotiator”. “He didn’t negotiate anything” on behalf of the US government, the former official said. “Trade negotiator is a bit of a stretch.”[3] Singham formerly led the market access practice of US law firm Squire Patton Boggs. He is also an adviser to the International Competition Network.
  • Molly Kiniry, consultant at Computer Group since April 2016. Like Singham, Kiniry is from the US, is employed by the Legatum Institute, as its programme and research manager for International Development; and previously worked at Babson Global.[4] Kiniry is also a columnist for the UK newspaper, The Telegraph.[5]



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