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Charlie Flowers is the leader of the Fighting Cocks, described in a review by the Yorkshire newspaper, the Selby Times as an "Essex gypsy band":

There's a real anti extremism/terrorism element to the music as well, so handle with care as it's purposefully designed to offend. As the Cock's mastermind Charlie Flowers states "our guitars kill Al Qaeda"! Quite![1]

Flowers attended the counter-demonstration against a cancelled protest by Islam4UK in Piccadilly Circus on 31 October 2009. Two separate counter-protests were organised by British Muslims for Secular Democracy and by English nationalists.[2]

The Cheerleaders

Blogger Tim Ireland has accused Flowers of being part of an online campaign of harassment against him:

Charlie Flowers (aka 'Ludas Matyi') is the ringleader of a group who call themselves the 'Cheerleaders*'; they turned up at the beginning of the Jenvey saga, and continued to pester myself and others until Dominic Wightman intervened. Now it's in Wightman's interests that I suffer for what he did to me (!) these 'Cheerleaders' have suddenly/mysteriously returned with a vengeance, and have been repeatedly publishing my home address online and broadcasting it to audiences that are hostile to me alongside claims that I am a bully, a stalker, a Nazi, and an ally of religious extremists.[3]

In December 2009, Shooter Kirpachi published on the Cheerleaders Facebook page a picture of Flowers with English Democrats supporters Darren Marsh and Bill Baker. Flowers appeared to be holding a poster for the One Law For All campaign.[4]

In February 2010 this picture was noted by the TalkIslam blog, which suggested Flowers had links with the English Defence League (EDL).[5]

Shortly afterwards, Kirpachi published a picture of Flowers with Marsh and two members of the EDL, one of whom was the group's youth leader Joel Titus.[6][7]

Meeting Alan Lake

According to blogger Richard Bartholomew, Flowers posted on Facebook in late 2010 about having a two hour meeting with Alan Lake, a counterjihad activist later revealed to be a funder and strategist of the EDL, Abdullah al-Andalusi of the Muslim Debate Initiative and Paul Williams, likely the Family Security Matters contributor.[8]



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