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Lobbying Bill 2013-14

In October 2013, the Charity Commission's chair William Shawcross stated: 'I think the government, in its response to the outcry from the charitable sector about the lobbying bill, has made significant changes which most of the sector, many charities, are happy with.'[1] Following this comment, Sir Stuart Etherington, chief executive of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, wrote to Shawcross, stating that the NCVO had serious concerns that 'are shared by our members and many other organisations in the sector.'[2]

In January 2014, a House of Lords amendment exempting charities from the bill was dropped after the Charity Commission sent an email to peers suggesting sham charities might use the exemption as a loophole. This intervention was criticised by a number of organisations representing the charitable sector.[3]



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