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Chandler Chicco Agency is a PR company that specialises in healthcare PR. It is headquartered in New York and has offices in London, Washington D.C and Los Angeles, as well as a global network of affiliates. Its website boasts, "Chandler Chicco worked on two of the most successful drug launches in history - Viagra and Celebrex."[1] These propelled it into the top 25 agencies in the Global PR industry, by 2001.

Chandler Chicco established CCA Advertising in 1999 for direct-to-consumer ads, "professional advertising and collateral, public education campaigns, as well as corporate and issues work." In 2002, it founded Biosector 2 to focus "on the unique needs of specialty pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies, as well as emerging firms specializing in drug discovery, medical devices, health services and drug delivery."[2]

Big Pharma and Politics

Agency principals Robert Chandler and Gianfranco Chicco wrote an October 2004 op/ed for PR Week in which they gauged the pharmaceutical agency's likely response to the 2004 U.S. presidential election: [3]

Sources tell us that if President Bush is re-elected and Republicans maintain control of the Senate, Big Pharma is going to launch a major initiative, perhaps offering to establish a multibillion-dollar fund for patients harmed by FDA-approved drugs in return for a bulletproof shield from state lawsuits. And there seems little doubt that if Kerry is elected, a push for universal access to healthcare will dominate the health policy discussion early - as it dominated the first term of the Clinton Administration...
The industry's natural reaction to a Kerry election would be to dig in for a four- or eight-year holding action. Just as the natural reaction to a Bush victory would be for the industry to call in its substantial chits in order to make whatever gains it can quickly, solidifying its current positions.


According to the firm's website, its clients include:

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