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150 The Broadway
London SW19 1RX
Telephone: 020 7733 2111

What it does

"Catalyst is an independent think tank of the left, committed to developing and promoting practical policies for the redistribution of wealth, power and opportunity. Our values are long-standing and firmly established in the wider labour movement. As democratic socialists we believe that everyone should have the chance to share fully in the civic, economic and cultural life of our society.

"We aim to use our growing network of members and advisors to facilitate debate and bring forward proposals that can take these ideals forward into the twenty-first century. We welcome the support - moral, intellectual and financial - of anyone who shares our aims."

Key personnel

National Council

Brief history

Catalyst was first launched in 1998 and quickly established itself as the only general public policy think tank unequivocally committed to labour movement values and objectives. In 2002 Catalyst merged with the Full Employment Forum, a network of left economists, and won trade union backing to expand its activities.

While still operating on a fraction of the budgets of other organisations in the field, Catalyst has played a unique role and been able to "punch above its weight" in the national policy debate. In October 2003 it was the winner of the "One To Watch" prize at Prospect magazine's Think Tank of the Year Awards.

Work in progress

Current research projects include:

  • A future for UK manufacturing
  • Reforming public services: alternatives to the market
  • What kind of Labour party do we need?
  • A new pensions settlement: building a progressive consensus
  • An alternative UK security strategy at the start of the new American century

Recent publications

Social Democratic Trade Unionism: An agenda for action By Robert Taylor

Decentering the Nation: A radical approach to regional inequality By Ash Amin, Doreen Massey, and Nigel Thrift

Better Pensions: The state's responsibility By Bryn Davies, Hilary Land, Tony Lynes, Ken MacIntyre and Peter Townsend

Citizen-consumers: New Labour's marketplace democracy By Catherine Needham

Reconciling Equity and Choice? Foundation Hospitals and the future of the NHS By John Mohan

In praise of centralism: A critique of the new localism By David Walker

Selection isn't working: Diversity, standards and inequality in secondary education By Tony Edwards and Sally Tomlinson Foreword by David Chaytor MP

Trade Unions, the Labour Party and Political Funding: The next steps By KD Ewing

Public services and the private sector: a response to the IPPR By Allyson Pollock, Jean Shaoul, David Rowland, and Stewart Player Foreword by David Hinchliffe MP