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John Underwood - former director of communications for the Labour Party, founder of Clear Communications and Business Development Director of Freshwater UK[1]

Underwood was also the former head of public relations for Neil Kinnock and in 2008 was described as 'a controversial lobbyist, who was recently paid GBP 100,000 by the Government for writing a report that endorsed Labour plans for a hospital closure in a Tory area'[2]. Patricia Hewitt was involved with the Health Secretary's department (who commissioned the report) whom Underwood knew from his time working for Kinnock nearly 20 years previously[3].

Underwood is also connected to the Progressive Policies Forum.

According to The Independent on Sunday, Underwood is a 'former television journalist'[4]

The Observer describes Underwood as priding 'himself on being a political firefighter with an acute sensitivity as to how the media works', and who 'specialises in helping companies, public bodies and high-fliers in minimising the damage to their reputations when a public relations disaster looms'[5].


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