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Dr Caroline Walker was appointed Director of Brewing at the Campden branch of Brewing Research International (BRI) in February 2009. She joined BRI in 1999 and was appointed a director in 2006. The BRI website says:

She is well known in brewing circles through her research, which she has published widely, and from her presentations at both technical and industry events.[1]

Walker is quoted as the expert of choice in such articles as "Research says cider 'healthy' drink", on the BBC News website. The story reports research by "scientists at Brewing Research International's laboratories in Surrey" which

found as many antioxidants in cider as red wine. Antioxidants are thought to help stop cell damage called oxidation, which can contribute to cancer and degenerative diseases like dementia.[2]

The story conveniently mentions only one aspect of nutrition, anti-oxidants – which are present in abundance in fresh fruit and vegetables – and ignores the ingredient in cider that causes health and other problems – the alcohol.

The story quotes John Thatcher, Chairman of the National Association of Cider Makers, as saying:

I have spent a lifetime making cider, enjoying a regular glass or two. Now I can enjoy it all the more knowing it is helping to keep me healthy.

Walker, described as a scientist at Brewing Research International, is quoted as saying: "For those who enjoy a glass of cider it is reassuring to know it may be healthy too."

To this piece of PR for the alcohol industry, Walker adds the obligatory message about responsible drinking that has become the public stance of the alcohol industry (thereby shifting reponsibility away from the product to the consumer): "But it is important that no-one drinks more than the recommended daily intake of alcohol."


Brewing Research International - appointed a director in 2006

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