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Alcohol badge.jpg This article is part of the Spinwatch public health oriented Alcohol Portal project.

The website of Alcohol in Moderation (AIM) says it is

A consumer site about sensible drinking, government guidelines and your health.[1]

The founder chairman of AIM was Peter Duff (1928-2009).

The AIM website states:

Alcohol in Moderation (AIM) was formed in 1991 following the debate on ‘Responsible drinking and Health’ in the European Parliament. In 1989 as Director of the Robert Mondavi Alcohol Initiative Peter [Duff] negotiated Federal Agricultural Support (FAS) funds via the Californian Wine Institute for three European conferences on social issues relating to alcohol and society, London, Brussels and Strasbourg. AIM’s foundation came at the end of the third event as a vehicle for communicating on sensible drinking and health.[2]


Record and controversies

Background of conflicts


According to the AIM website as of June 2009, the AIM Social Scientific and Medical Council consists of the following people:[3]

  • Professor Alan Crozier – UK – Professor of Plant Biochemistry and Human Nutrition at the University of Glasgow
  • Professor R. Curtis Ellison MD – USA – Professor of Medicine & Public Health and Director, Institute on Lifestyle & Health at Boston University School of Medicine
  • Harvey E. Finkel MD – USA – Clinical Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, Author and contributing Editor to the Wine Educator and Wine News
  • Tedd M. Goldfinger, DO, FACC, FCCP - USA – Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona and Senior Cardiologist
  • Professor Dwight Heath - USA – Professor of Anthropology at Brown University.
  • Professor O. F. W. James – UK PROFESSOR O F W JAMES - UK – Head of Medicine, University of Newcastle
  • Arthur Klatsky MD – USA – Senior Consultant in Cardiology and an Adjunct Investigator at the Division of Research at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Oakland, California
  • Dr Geoff Lowe – UK – Honorary Senior Fellow in Clinical Psychology, at the Postgraduate Medical School, University of Hull and chartered health psychologist

Conflicts of interest


Address: AIM - Alcohol in Moderation, PO BOX 2282, Bath BA1 2QY, UK
Tel: (44) (0) 1225 471 444
Fax: (44) (0) 1225 427 444



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