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Cancer Research UK is 'the world's leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research'.[1]


Boots is the official sponsor of Cancer Research UK's SunSmart campaign (aiming to educate about the risks of sun exposure). It has been criticised by the health journalist and author Oliver Gillie who questioned the scientific background of this campaign which has links with commercial organisations with an interest in promoting sun safety: “Last year Cancer Research UK made £84,000 from Boots’ sale of lapel badges for the charity, while Boots made its brand of suncream, Soltan, the UK’s biggest seller" [2]


Cancer Research Technology owned by Cancer Research UK, 'focuses on maximising cancer patient benefit from publicly funded research'[3]

Cancer Research is a donor to the Science Media Centre. [4]


  • Harpal Kumar Chief Executive
  • Richard C.Taylor Executive Director,Fundraising & Supporter Marketing
  • Sarah Lyness Executive Director, Information and Public Engagement
  • Maxine Taylor Executive Director, Policy & Communications
  • Professor Sir David Lane FRS Chief Scientist
  • Dr Lilian Clark Executive Director, Science Operations and Funding
  • Professor Peter Johnson Chief Clinician
  • Professor Herbie Newell Interim Executive Director, Clinical & Translational Research and Research Strategy
  • Lynne Robb Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director, Corporate Resources
  • Christine Lloyd Executive Director, People and Organisational Development


David Newbigging Chairman | Dr Melanie Lee Deputy Chairman | Sir Kenneth Calman |Professor Colin Bird | Dr Philip Campbell | Sir James Crosby | Professor Barry Furr | Professor Keith Gull | Liz Hewitt | Dame Bridget Ogilvie | Dr Keith F Palmer Treasurer | Anthony Percival | Timothy S D Pile | Professor Dame Nancy J Rothwell | Leah Sowden | Sir Kenneth Stowe | Professor Jeffrey Tobias | Dr Harold Varmus