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Beth Alexander wrote for United Press International in 2004 before returning to her studies at Cambridge University.[1]

In an 8 August 2004 UPI article, Alexander interviewed Rachel Ehrenfeld who criticised EU funding of the Palestinian Authority, and Ilka Schroeder, who claimed that such funding was part of "Europe's hidden war against the U.S.". She also cited a FrontPagemag article by Bat Ye'or on the "Euro-Arab alliance that gave birth to Eurabia."[2]

Alexander reported on the inauguration of the Henry Jackson Society at Cambridge in a 22 November 2004 UPI article, interviewing Brendan Simms, Alan Mendoza and an un-named assistant editor of Commentary.[3]

According to minutes published by Marko Attila Hoare, Alexander took part in a post-London launch meeting of the Henry Jackson Society on 29 November 2005, and suggested Ileana Ros-Lehtinen as a potential international patron in response to a perceived need for more left-wing figures.[4]


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