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AmericaInTheWorld is a

London-based international alliance opposed to anti-Americanism as well as American isolationism. Via our briefings, we aim to provide the number one factual resource for those who wish to hear the case against anti-Americanism. Our goal is to increase understanding of America, to debunk some of the leading myths about the United States, and to make a positive case for a continuing leading role for America in the world.[1]

Conservative leader David Cameron was guest of honour at the London launch of AITW in November 2008.[2]The group was due to host an address by BBC North America editor Justin Webb in a joint event with the New Culture Forum later in the month.[3]


AmericaInTheWorld replaces a previous pro-American blog founded by Tim Montgomerie.

I closed down BritainAndAmerica a number of months ago because Stephan Shakespeare (publisher) and I felt it lacked a clear purpose. has very clear aims, set out in its manifesto and in its masthead.[4]


Th site's masthead states that it receives no US funding.

AmericaInTheWorld is launched and funded by supporters of America in London and around the world. AmericaInTheWorld receives no American government or corporate funding.[5]

In response to a question on this point Peter Cuthbertson stated "we’ve sought no funding and received no funding from US-based endowments or quangos."[6]



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