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Allen Roth (born 30 October 1952-) has been an advisor to billionaire Ronald Lauder since 1989 when Lauder ran against Rudolph Giuliani for the republican nomination for Mayor of New York.[1] In February 1996, Roth introduced a talk on airport privatisation at the Manhattan Institute in his capacity as Executive Director of the New York State Research Council on Privatization.[2] Roth and Lauder were involved in back-channel talks with Syria on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu's Israeli government in August and September of 1998. They repeatedly flew between Jerusalem and Damascus via Cyprus. The US Government was not informed.

These negotiations took place completely outside any governmental framework. Rather, private American citizens went back and forth between the two countries. Ronald Lauder, a New York-based businessman and friend of the prime minister's, along with his aide Allen Roth, forwarded Netanyahu's ideas to Assad. George Nader, publisher of the Washington-based Middle East Insight, presented Syrian views. While there may have been other negotiating tracks, this was the only one that Netanyahu saw as possibly leading to a breakthrough; as an aide of his puts it, this was the "most serious and credible channel" because it involved discussions with top officials in both countries.[3]

Roth was appointed as one of three directors of the Policy Forum on International Security Issues, at is formation in London on 18 December 2003. His occupation was listed as 'public policy analyst.' The other directors were Devon Gaffney Cross and Zacharias Gertler.[4]Gertler later resigned as a director on 1 March 2007[5], and Cross and Roth applied for the company to be struck from the register on 15 October 2007.[6] Roth attended the Prague Democracy & Security International Conference as a representative of the Policy Forum.[7] In his capacity as president of One Jerusalem, Roth introduced Netanyahu in a bloggers' conference call on 12 January 2009.[8]



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