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Royal Public Affairs (RPA) is an independent public relations consultancy set up by Philip Royal in 2007. It claims to be an 'associate consultancy specialising in engaging with UK Government Policy Development.' [1]


Prior to founding Royal Public Affairs, Philip Royal worked in the central London consultancy field for over 10 years, acting as Senior Public Affairs Consultant at Butler Kelly Ltd from 1997-2005 and then taking on the role of Senior Consultant at The Whitehouse Consultancy until 2007.

The firm is unique in that it has no London based office, and because of this it claims it is able to offer 'highly competitive rates'. RPA's website also assures clients that, because there are no fixed salaries at the company, 'fees will not be spent on new business projects, irrelevant activity or consultant`s `down-time`.' [2]

Leading Associates


Royal Public Affairs acts as the secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Costs (APPGEC), helping to organise meetings and events along with day to day administration.

In July 2015, RPA was registered as having paid (in bands of £1,500) £12,001-£13,500 in registered benefits to the APPGEC. [3]

It also acts as secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood, and in June 2015 was registered to have paid (in bands of £1,500) £10,501-£12,00 to the group in benefits.



Telephone: 07788 422611


Royal Public Affairs webpage can be found at the following address:


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