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Butler Kelly is a London-based lobbying Consultancy.


  • Chris Butler. Former Conservative MP and Secretary to the Backbench Trade and Industry Committee. Before entering Parliament, he was a political secretary at No. 10 and ministerial Special Adviser in the Office of Arts and Libraries and the Welsh Office.
  • Phil Kelly. Former Deputy Leader of Islington Borough Council, former adviser to the Labour Shadow Cabinet, and Editor of Tribune, the Labour Party weekly paper from 1987 to 1991;
  • Annabel Gaba. Educated at Oxford University in PPE, Masters in European Thought (UCL). Previous work experience in journalism and corporate speaking. Member of Liberal Democrats. Interests in debating, women’s rights and stand-up comedy.
  • Terry Ashton. Former General Secretary of the Greater London Labour Party, managing the Party in London for 14 years; involved in selection and election process for London MPs, MEPs and GLA members, political liaison with Labour's London Parliamentary Group and with local authorities.


Clients at the end of 2008 include:[1]
Angel Trains | Cavendish Place Communications | Spar (UK) Ltd | Schering Plough | Thames Water Utilities | Calor Gas | Mapeley Estates | Saga Services


83 Victoria Street London SW1H 0HW Website: http://Butlerkellyltd.co.uk


  1. APPC register to November 2008

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