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Ravi Gurumurthy is a former UK civil servant who is now Vice President, Strategy and Innovation at the International Rescue Committee headquarters in New York. [1]


Gurumurthy was Strategy Director at the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change until May 2013. [2]

He was viewed as a key architect of the Government's Energy Bill but reportedly stood down in early May while it was going through the UK Parliament. His resignation was accompanied by two other respected staff, Ben Moxham and Jonathan Brearley, director of energy strategy and futures for DECC. According to the Independent:

All three men were key proponents of the Government’s strategy of subsidising new offshore and onshore renewable electricity projects to decarbonise Britain’s energy market by 2030.
But the proposals are being held up by the Treasury on cost grounds. Critics claim it is attempting to delay investment – particularly in offshore wind – and instead concentrate on exploiting shale gas reserves. A Government offshore energy industrial strategy document, due to have been published this month, is understood to have been delayed after Treasury objections.[3]


  • David Miliband - his former boss at DECC, now his boss at the International Rescue Committee


Gurumurthy, Ravi