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Peter Wallis, AKA Peter York

Peter Wallis aka Peter York is a “Style Guru, Author, Presenter, Management Consultant”[1] with links to government and major corporations. Alongside businessman and political networker Dennis Stevenson Wallis was co-founder of management consultancy SRU where Peter Mandelson worked as a consultant between 1990 and 1992[2].

He was appointed Chairman of the Department of Trade and Industry Committee examining the future of leisure in the UK as part of the British Government’s ‘Foresight’ initiative in 1994.[3]. Wallis was also chairman of media consultants Hydra Associates between 1987 and 1999[4]. Blairite politician James Purnell worked as a strategy consultant for Hydra Associates between 1992 and 1994[5].

According to his biography on Broadcasting firm Capel & Land:

"He has very considerable experience of ‘elite’ and up-market products and their branding communication strategies, from Dunhill to Waterford and including Harpers & Queen, World of Interiors, The Economist, The Financial Times, Jaegar, Tiffany, Mont Blanc, Liberty and private banker Coutts & Co".

He is also listed by Capel & Land as having a range of experince in the financial services sector[6].

Peter York

Peter Wallis has featured more in the public eye under his pseudonym Peter York. York achieved fame in 1982 by co-writing the Official Sloane Ranger Handbook with Ann Barr. He was the style editor of Harpers & Queen for 10 years and financed The Modern Review. He is also a columnist for The Independent on Sunday, GQ magazine and Management Today.

York is often found in the media providing social commentary on a range of issues. On the banking crisis he commented:

"People once thought just a few toffs and celebs earned this kind of money. They didn't realise it was a large class of previously invisible people, rich for no good reason."[7].


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  • Style Wars (1980)
  • The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook (1982)
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  • Dictators' Homes (2005)
  • Cooler, Faster, More Expensive: the Return of the Sloane Ranger (2007), with Olivia Stewart-Liberty.


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