Mark Kennedy: A chronology of his activities

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This article is part of the Undercover Research Portal - a project of the Undercover Research Group in conjunction with SpinWatch.

--- Compiled in September 2011 ---

The purpose of this chronology on undercover police officer Mark Kennedy is to collate info from various places, and to try to help activists in other countries access it. It is not for the mainstream press. Obviously information posted here is read by many different groups, including the state, but it is important to share this information among our networks as much as possible, to ensure that information doesn't come out in the press before people involved know.

This project is a collaboration with people in various countries and campaigns. There is a large amount of information so apologies if there are factual errors. All sources of information have been verified as extensively as possible. For obvious reasons attempts have been made to avoid using the press as source material. Information here overlaps with some of what has been reported in the press, but has also all been independently confirmed. This is not a place for media reports, and any references to events cited on Indymedia have also been clarified by individuals connected to them.

The lack of information here about the exposure, events following on from the exposure, and any reference to sexual relationships is deliberate; not because this is unimportant, but so as to create a record that looks at political work only. Obviously there is overlap etc but that is not the concern here.

The level of detail here investigating times in Denmark is important, but also it is important to remember that Mark was much more involved in Berlin than any other city outside the UK. In order to respect peoples' confidentiality, detailed reports of this do not feature here (mainly social visits).

It is also important to note that one of the worst pieces of reporting has been to do with the coverage of the Saving Iceland campaign. The role Mark Kennedy played in the campaign has been greatly exaggerated by the mainstream press, especially the Guardian.

We are currently compiling similar lists about “Lynn Watson” and “Marco Jacobs”.

If you have useful info, please email the Undercover Research Group.

Date Place Event Organisation/campaign involved/facilitating Mark Kennedy's involvement Target Groups/people he was in communication with Potential paper trail Additional commentsSource including URLSource person (incl contact details / or ref if anonymous)Photo material - yes/noWho could tell us more? Noteworthy oddities
2003 Sumac Centre, Nottingham Against Prisoner Slavery MK joins campaign Against Prisoner Slavery email list; did not attend any of its conferences. Attended a prisoner letter righting group at the Sumac in 2003
31/01/04 Noise Demo Migration solidarity action Climber and banner hanger. The photo on Indymedia shows MK attaching a banner to the fence. Lindholme, UK Lindholme Detention Centre
13/08/2003-17/08/2003 Yorkshire Earth First! Gathering Earth First! Turned up as a punter. First time anyone has really met him. He later capitalised on the fact that people assumed he was OK as he had been at EF. MK was generally active with the Nottingham local group first and GM was what was going on at the time. Earth First! Uk / Anti- GM MK turned up at the Sumac centre in Notts before the gathering asking about transport to it. anon no When he was talking to friends in 2005 he cited the EF! Gathering as a transformative experience; being impressed by the people and politics etc. MK went to every EF gathering from 2003-2010 except 2004. etc.
Autumn (2003) UK Anti-GM action, office occupation Anti-GM Driver Bayer Earth First! Uk / Anti- GM ? unlikely, quite long time ago MK drove a white people carrier on the action. He impressed activists by reporting accurate information about the location of the police in the area. anon
05/11/2004-06/11/2004 London European Social Forum European Social Forum Main driver; delivering leaflets and food to 3 different occupied buildings during ESF. 1,000-1,200 were housed in these buildings. Wombles unlikely, he used his own vehicle. anon MK mainly used his own vehicle, a white Toyota pick up for missions.
Spring/Summer ( 2004 ) Germany, London, Brighton, Nottingham Zapatista coffee distribution Ex-Grand Banks Social Centre/Wombles Van driver, brought Zapatista coffee to England (social centre in North London?). Story needs furter confirmation. Ex-Grand Banks Social Centre/Wombles/ Cafe Rebelda ( Hamburg ) / Sumac Note that MK was never employed by Cafe Libertad although he has claimed this since. He used the collectives connection with the zapatista as an entry to several groups.
Spring (2004) Ireland Grassroots Gathering promoting G8 Scotland Dissent! Driver of roadshow, bingo caller G8 Scotland Workers Solidarity Movement, Rossport Solidarity Campaign, Shell to Sea. Driver of roadshow, bingo caller also helped with the door at “Aspire” squat in Leeds as part of this tour. Was the only person at that time to have high-tech equipment such as a laptop with wi-fi connection, he always allowed people to use to check emails and research stuff.
01/05/04 Ireland, Dublin EU summit Supported a black bloc of over 100 people. Was on the front row of the bloc which pushed through police lines MK part of affinity group who secured a squat to act as housing. The squat was raided. Also in a group which attacked the police. Supplied defensive equipment. 3 people from London, UK were arrested during the raid. MK was arrested with another activist. They were stopped by a motorbike cop for a vehicle paper check, then arrested by a large-ish number of cops (at least one van and one car of undercovers showed up). They were then taken to two different police stations, held for about 5 hours and then released. MK got hit by the riot police on the black block demo, almost broke his knee. He had to have hospital treatment, but waited until he got back to the uk. Police and government WSM / Wombles People serve prison sentences relating to material delivered by him from UK. 3 people were arrested, 1 spent 1 week in prison plus 2 had to

remain in Ireland for 6 months on bail until their court case. They were later found not guilty. The equipment was brought by MK on the request of people, he had no role in deciding what was brought or in the decisions of the main bloc that was going to take action in Dublin. MK didn't make any contribution that was contrary or above and beyond the action that was

taken. He didn't incite anyone to on the day to do things that were not already being done. In effect MK was a passive participant in an already organised plan. The Wombles were arrested as soon as they arrived, before the protest started. anon yes One of those taking part in the protest recalls being astonished by Kennedy's action on the day. "I saw him taking off his balaclava as he was coming out of the crowd. I was amazed that someone would stand close to police lines and take his mask off.” Unconfirmed but suspected that police had intelligence on the activities of some anti-capitalist activists who had travelled across the Irish Sea from Britain. A unit from the garda's Pearse Street station smashed its way into a flat on Leeson Street in Dublin occupied by English anarchists and arrested several people. MK had a newspaper cutting in a frame on his boat which showed line of masked up people at Dublin Mayday 2004 and he was one of them. He also had this up on the wall in his house for many years.
2004 Ireland, Dromoland Castle Anti-George Bush protest Participant WSM, anon Former minister, Dermot Ahern, said that if Mr Kennedy had been active in Ireland, he would have been subject to Irish law, like any other person. Garda officers confirmed to the Irish Independent that they had been alerted in advance by British police that he wanted to take part in the demonstrations.
Ireland 2004-2006 Trainer for anarchist groups MK made at least two other visits to Ireland over the next two years. These included acting as a trainer on a programme for anarchist activists later in 2004 on civil disobedience.
September (2004) Nottingham Rising Tide gathering Helped organise a Rising tide gathering, was part of organising collective.
06/04/2005-10/04/2005 Lanarkshire Festival of Dissent Gathering Helped with set-up and transport.
April (2005) Planning meeting for banner drop Anti-BP campaign Anti-BP banner was meant to be hung during ESF but banner wasn't ready. He came to meeting place when banner was being made; it was postponed. BP Autonomous action
26/04/05 England Banner drop Anti-BP campaign Climber and banner hanger BP Autonomous action no Banner drop coincided with BP annual financial review (originally meant to be during ESF). 10 climbers, MK hung the banner and others helped. He coordinated. anon no From early on in his involvement MK helped establish himself with frequent climbing and mountaineering trips with friends. He continued to do this up until his exposure.
07/04/2005-10/04/2005 Ireland, County Clare EYFA winter meeting EYFA Participant Organising meeting EYFA check with EYFA anon EYFA
24/06/05 Belfast fund-raiser for the G8
06/07/2005-08/07/2005 Gleneagles, Stirling Scotland G8 Dissent! Coordinated transport for the protests around the G8 in Scotland, organised a fleet of minibuses and other vehicles. Dissent! Started a fight outside the gates of the “Horizone” camp in Stirling by the main gates of the site. Was often seen standing there using his handsfree kit (uncommon at the time) which may or may not have been directly transmitting to the police who were constantly standing nearby. MK also had a fight in the camp with someone who was running the on site soundsystem. The tranquility and stewarding team were involved. Organised at least 1 second hand car that was used as part of a blockade during the summit. He communicated with activists over a “secure phone” to arrange collection in Edinburgh and position in blockade. anon Dissent! Gained the name “Transport Mark”. Sorted equipment and coordinated activists to use vehicles to disrupt talks. According to Zierke, chief of police in Germany, Berlin State police sent 5 undercover cops to G8 2005 in Gleneagles. They were requested and then handled by the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) and operated together with the Metropolitan Police (Please note that the German capital City of Berlin is also a State) NPOIU organises the missions of undercover cops “all over UK” and requested German undercover agents “e.g. for the mission in Gleneagles”.
Summer 2005 Iceland actions against ALCOA and the dams at Karahnjukar. Saving Iceland Participated in actions against the dam; participated in Olafur Pall Sigurdsson international SOS tour. MK shared contacts and did a lot of driving for the campaign. MK Kennedy did not play a major role in actions in Iceland in the years that he visited. He had already left the protest camp before it was evicted from Karahnjukar, and was not present when it relocated at Vad Farm in Skriddal. MK only participated in two mass lock-ons at the Karahnjukar dam site, prior to the eviction, and consequently he played no part in a number of actions that were carried out following the eviction later that summer, both at Karahnjukar and at the construction site of the ALCOA smelter in Reydarfjordur, or the actions we carried out in the Reykjavik area in August. Kennedy also never ran errands to Reykjavik on behalf of SI. MK was NOT pivotal in the birth of Iceland’s environmental movement; that he was NOT instrumental in training Icelanders in direct action; that he was NOT a key figure in various protests in the east of the country; or was a key decision maker within Saving Iceland. ALCOA and dams Saving Iceland possibly So far the Icelandic State police have not answered the request of the Icelandic National Broadcasting about whether they communicated with Mark Kennedy and his superiors. Only the local police force in the east, where the dams and ALCOA factory are located, have issued an evasive answer stating that they had not “intervened” with the “protester” Mark Stone during the protests. The level of his involvement has been greatly exaggerated by the Guardian, SI have sent in factual corrections to the paper, which have been ignored. MK's role is outlined in the statement you can view following the link included here, which highlights the collusion between the Icelandic state and the British police. It also shows MK's role as an agent provocateur, and dispels several important myths about his role in the campaign.,, anon Saving Iceland MK was never a trainer for Saving Iceland nor did he train any Icelanders. Did MK take part in the training of Icelandic police officers when they attended a course with the British police in the winter of 2005-2006 where they received training in how to violate groups such as Saving Iceland? Also he used a different email address than normal for this campaign: None of the activists in the first two lock-ons at Karahnjukar in 2005 were actually Icelandic; these were the only actions MK was part of in Iceland. All the people involved apart from Kennedy were highly experienced activists from different countries who had no need of any training or introduction to such methods, by MK or anyone else. Furthermore, road blocks and tripods were not even employed that summer. SI did not use tripods as means of protest until in the summer of 2008 at the site of a Century Aluminum smelter in Hvalfjordur, near Reykjavik, several years after he had come to Iceland. The actual direct action training courses in Iceland took place in May 2004 and June 2005, MK did not come to Iceland until July 2005, after the protests at the G8 summit in Gleneagles.
January (2006) Runcorn, Cheshire Blockade at ALCOA plant Saving Iceland MK drove support people. No arrests. Lock on entrance blocked for several hours then everyone walked away, MK drove people back. ALCOA and dams Saving Iceland MK was using his own vehicle for transport. He met people en route and then gave them a lift. He agreed to let another activist drive his vehicle, and he drove an older one. anon Saving Iceland Around this time an action was planned involving tripods and lock-on tubes. The police stopped the minibus before it could get to the site in Runcorn, but allowed activists to stay there with their equipment. Shortly after this, a second vehicle arrived and they were able to do the action anyway. MK did not return to Iceland for the 2006 protest camps at Karahnjukar, Snaefell and Reydarfjordur. Although he continued attending some gatherings, his activities within the campaign gradually diminished, and finally ceased in 2007.
2006 Spain Speaking tour about Saving Iceland Saving Iceland Talked in various cities about the situation in Iceland: Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Barcelona, Reus. MK took his pick up truck for use during the tour. ALCOA and dams Saving Iceland no Didn't stay in any place long, combined it with a climbing trip. Unconfirmed sighting of his “Mark Stone” passport. anon Saving Iceland
03/03/2006-04/03/2006 Ireland, Dublin Anarchist Bookfair Workers Solidarity Movement Participant WSM
2006 Ireland, Rossport County Mayo Visit to the Solidarity Camp Rossport Solidarity Campaign/Shell to Sea Helped with the camp, did some small actions. Shell gas pipeline construction/terminal Rossport Solidarity Camp, Shell to Sea
02/08/2006-06/08/2006 Big Green Gathering, Somerset Last Chance Saloon Area at festival to raise funds and awareness MK helped with set up, with the bar, and generally hanging out. The bar was run to raise money for environmental direct action. It grew every year, until 2009 when the BGG lost its licence. In later years MK djed there.
26/08/2006-04/09/2006 Selby, nr Leeds, Yorkshire Climate Camp Climate Camp Helped with reckies, transporting actions equipment for site take, and for general set up. Helped with transport during the camps. Used his credit card to buy equipment. Drax Coalfired Power Station Climate Camp, EF possibly for vehicle hire MK was attacked by 5 police officers from Yorkshire during the day of action attempting to get into the power station, He had bad back and head injuries and was very confused afterwards. People saw him straight after and he was pretty messy. His back became a recurring problem for him over the years and was often cited as his reason for trips away and a longer term reluctance to participate in stuff. Quite possibly true. He suffered from a lot of pain. Was aware of details of the plans for Drax, Heathrow, Kingsnorth climate camps. Worked with “Lynn Watson” (another undercover who was part of the land group). MK was seen winding up the cops prior to being assaulted. He said afterwards he had been frustrated at being stopped and searched so much during the set-up and having to be polite to them over and over. Lynn Watson was present at the incident but went through the hole in the fence minutes before the beating. Lynn was arrested with another activist, so she wasn't actually a witness. On leaving the Drax site he was stopped and searched again and has his climbing equipment confiscated., anon Climate Camp Was extremely calm during the “site take” he drove a box truck full of equipment and arrived smoking a fat cigar.
29/08/06 Hartleypool Blockade of nuclear power station Autonomous action during the Climate Camp MK d-locked himself to the back gates with other comrades. People were recruited for the action at the camp and then travelled autonomously for briefing in Leeds. Hartlepool Nuclear power station Climate Camp, EF unlikely MK didn't know details until the night before when there was briefing. Everyone even media and legal support were nicked. All bailed away from British energy power stations; without charge. No more bail by November.
2006 Berlin Autonomous actions Autonomous action Began spending time in Berlin, participated on covert actions with a closed group. Was spotted in Berlin with “Lynn Watson” another undercover (Officer A). Visited Berlin at least once a year from then on until his exposure. In Berlin, Zierke and the German police confirmed he was involved in an arson incident. MK visited once a year, possibly more. Also, likely that he visited prior to 2006 but unconfirmed. Assorted anti-capitalist and anti-fascist targets. Autonomous actions no No charges ― officials deemed it too minor to pursue. Die Spiegal, Anon. Http://,1518,741939,00.html Guardian Germany’s federal police chief, Jörg Ziercke, yes see guardian Autonomous Action Ziercke -German police chief- revealed that Kennedy, the Metropolitan police officer at the centre of a controversy over the infiltration of peaceful environmental groups across Europe, worked for three German states during at least five visits to the country between 2004 and 2009. Ziercke told the committee that Kennedy was active in three German states. He did not file reports from Berlin, Ziercke informed the Internal Affairs Committee. The BKA, however, informed Berlin city-state officials of his presence.
January-February (2007) Copenhagen, Denmark Social visit Invited himself to come visit a Danish activist, the two have met on more than one occasion in the UK, at Gleneagles in 2005 and at an Earth First Gathering. During his visit he invites a second Danish activist to come along on a trip to Berlin and Warsaw in the beginning of February. N/A no It is really important to get an accurate picture and his Danish link is interesting but it was nowhere near as big as his German one. MK visited Denmark a lot but was not well known to activists there beyond a few close friends, unlike in Berlin where he was well known. anon
January-February (2007) Berlin and Warsaw Planning meeting for Heilingendamm G8 Dissent! Germany Drove 2 Danish activists in his car from Copenhagen to Berlin, where they stay in a collective for a couple of days. From Berlin a group of activist (German, English, Danish) go by train to Warsaw, to take part in a prep.meeting for the G8. Brings back a large amount of t-shirts, which he sells to activists. Heiligendamm G8 Autonomous actions/networks no MK used any credibility he had in different countries to gain trust in others. Everyone stays at the same hostel in Warsaw. anon Autonomous Action MK started djing 2007 and played a few gigs in Berlin, though less than reported. MK clearly enjoyed djing and was something he did through out his time undercover.) He played at various parties, squats and night clubs.
January-February (2007) Copenhagen, Denmark Ungsdomhuset trip Ungdomhuset collective He visits Ungdomshuset (the Youth House) on one occasion, but only for a short while, and only gets to see the concert rooms and the bar. He wasn't part of the riots during the eviction. Ungsdomhuset, Cph Autonomous action / occupation no Whilst in Copenhagen he stays in the apartment of one of the activists. He visits two other private homes and meets with a total of five Danish activists. He doesn't participate in any political meetings. anon no Autonomous Action He was very drunk and a little volatile on the last night.
14/04/07 Didcot MK hung banner with 1 other whilst 2 other people blocked police access to the lighting tower above the coal heap where it was hung. Details of all were taken, and activists were transported to Didcot parkway police station but then released without charge. MK only knew the night before; he was asked to participate due to his climbing skills.
06/06/2007-08/06/2007 Heilingendamm, Germany G8 Dissent! Germany Cycled to the G8 via Denmark then got a lift back to UK in someone's van. Got arrested during G8 with 2-4 other UK activists. Cycled through Denmark for two days on way to German G8; just cycled and camped and had no link with activists or authorities (he was never on his own to secretly meet up with anyone either). He was arrested with others for being part of an illegal blockade. However, this was only because he got lost. The place was heavily policed and the blockade had been called off after most people turned up at the meeting point and saw the police activity. MK and another UK activist were arrested with a random group of people. At the camp he was involved in meetings about 'plan B' which was to take protests to Berlin. This plan didn't really work as the city was overrun with cops and there weren't enough people to make an impact. Heiligendamm G8 Autonomous action no Was held at processing centre then they all released without charge. When Kennedy was at the G8 in Heiligendamm, he and his handler were alongside with a German police officer from the German Federal Investigation Bureau (it contradicts a German Federal Investigation Bureau claim to not have been involved in his mission) According to Zierke, the German handler of Kennedy (and of course those of other agents) was inside the temporary headquarter for the G8 summit named “Kavala”. “Kavala” was responsible for all planning, intelligence, logistics, propaganda, mission of the summit. “Kavala” manipulated courts up to the highest constitutional court with wrong numbers of injured police at the opening demonstration (500 “heavily injured”) and spread false information allegedly acquired by undercover agents at the anti-G8 protest camps. Based on that, courts then decided to ban demonstrations, which had in this dimension not been seen before in Germany. The falsified information was proved by journalists to be untrue afterwards. Maybe UK agents helped to spread wrong rumours from the camps. Ziercke said, that the German police also thought there would have been “three or four” undercovers, he does not know exactly.,1518,741939,00.html, Dissent! Germany In the run-up to the 2007 G-8 summit in Heiligendamm, the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania explicitly requested the British undercover agent’s assistance and established a contractual agreement regulating his activities. The southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg reached a similar agreement with the British agent. Ziercke also confirmed that Kennedy was involved in illegal activities in Heiligendamm. He participated in an illegal blockade, though the case was not pursued.
09/07/07 Chat's Palace, London MK attended national Antifa benefit and helped with security
12/08/2007-21/08/2007 Heathrow, nr London Climate Camp Climate Camp Was involved peripherally with the “land group” calculating transport logistics. Drove a box truck full of actions equipment and stuff for securing the site. Participated during the camp. Helped with transport during for shuttle bus. Unconfirmed that he may have monitored the affinity group blockade against Carmel-Agrexco at their depot. MK was not involved in planning the action and did not do any critical roles but reported seeing it to friends. Climate Camp possibly, unlikely. The state were very interested in this site as they feared disruption of aviation and terrorism. BA served an injunction on Climate Camp which was refused. The police must have known the location of the proposed site at least a few days before hand. anon no Climate Camp Interesting that Mark “introduced” another friend to help with transport for the site take during the Heathrow Camp; who disappeared immediately after his role was completed.
October (2007) Nottingham and national Setting up logistics collective Activist Tat Collective Sets up the ATC in response to the huge amount of skills, tat etc developed during the G8 in Stirling and the 1st two Climate Camps. He is a director of the collective for administrative purposes. Helps organise our lock up, acquire and maintain equipment and drives equipment around the country to various grassroots events. Writes a chapter for the ATC recipe book on transport and logistics. Activist Tat Collective possibly Stays involved in the ATC until his exposure; using the ATC at various points to get credibility with groups in the UK and beyond. Worked with many groups, including the first Scottish Climate Camp, to provide equipment and transport. ATC anon yes ATC
November-December (2007) Berlin Social visit Travelled to Berlin, had some involvement with activists and people from different European countries. Zierke has declared that the German Federal Investigation Bureau organised a common “action” with Berlin State government to create a trustworthy “legend” for Kennedy. Probably they mean the burning of a dumpster in December 2007, which he was detained for, investigated and accused. This court case against Kennedy was later dropped by the payment of some smaller fine to the court. Kennedy did this process under the name “Mark Stone”, so neither Berlin police nor prosecutor nor judges knew that this was a false operation
  1. This is confirmed by Berlin police. It means, British or German police paid the bill at the court. Note: Burning dumpsters or cars is in Berlin highly criminalised since 2007 “militant campaign” after G8 2007
MK went to many squat parties in Berlin.
08/12/07 Berlin For Autonomous Spaces and Self-Organization Against Dominion and Capitalism One Struggle Participated in large demonstration to defend autonomous spaces. 1,000 people demonstrated and actions included occupying buildings, setting fire to cars etc. Police assaulted and arrested many people, used pepper spray. Whilst in custody some people were made to take off their clothes. All arrestees were later released.
January (2008) Copenhagen, Denmark Social visit MK said at the time 'to get away from the UK for a little while'. Stays at the apartment of the Danish activist. He doesn't participate in any meetings. He visits the people he already knows. He stays for a little under a week. Personal visit no anon
January (2008) New York Social visit Autonomous action Reports in an email that he has just done a solo-solidarity action at the Japanese embassy in New York, connected to the Sea Shepherd. Details unspecified. Is seen in a bar in Brooklyn or Manhattan people from NO G8 Japan and some activists from the US, who then all participated in a meeting over the next 2 days. The purpose of the meeting was apparently unclear and no decisions were made. It took place in an expensive apartment in Manhattan, which overlooked the whole city. The apartment appeared to not be inhabited. It is unknown whether people at the meeting were staying there, or if it was short or long term rented. MK visited NYC regularly; he claimed, and several activists have seen him there on different occasions.
February (2008) Berlin Networking MK tells friends he is paranoid about the level of police surveillance he is under. He emails people from a bar asking them to pass on messages from him, from his blackberry; and expresses concern about the police shift change taking place near him in the bar. MK spent a lot of time in Berlin. Details of the number of social visits he made are not included here for confidentiality. MK reports that he was being followed around the city and that he had to go to a lot of effort to lose the police. Personal visit MK got alot tattoos over a number of years from the same shop in Berlin...most notably his biomechanical arm sleeve which took several visits and was finished in 2010.
22/02/2008-23/02/2008 Nottingham Hunt Sabotage Sabbing Briefly attends the EF winter moot but gets bored. Agrees to drive several friends out to help sab a hunt near Nottingham instead in his pick-up truck. Hunt no Unusual as MK wasn't generally interested in animal rights. Several sabs (and hunt support) confuse his vehicle for a hunt support vehicle. Mark doesn't leave the vehicle, citing his back as concern if violence occurs. anon
13/06/08 Drax, nr Selby Autonomous action, inspired by the Climate Camp Autonomous action, blockade Mark hired a white transit van. He posed as a builder with another activist , awaiting information about the approaching coal train before dropping people off to facilitate it being stopped in a safe and careful way. MK dropped off approximately 15 other people from the back of his van. All stopped and occupied the coal train. Mark drove off after dropping off activists. Drax Coalfired Power Station ? probably not 29 people were later charged under the railway act after occupying the train for several hours. anon Interesting that even thought Mark knew the location of the briefing for the action (a large canal boat near Selby) and attended the briefing, and slept there, the police did not raid prior to the action taking place. This was the 3rd attempt by activists to take action at Drax the first 2 being disrupted by the police.
July (2008) Kingsnorth, Hoo Penninsula Kent Climate Camp Reckie Mark hires a “flash” car for a reckie with member of the land group and helps calculate suitable “holding points” for large vehicles during the site take of the Climate Camp. Kingsnorth Power Station, Hoo Climate Camp, EF no Mark hired the car in Nottingham and drove to the peninsula When challenged on hiring a more expensive car than needed he said it was because he did a lot of driving so it was important to have good vehicles to use. When offered money for the vehicle hire from the groups budget he said it was his contribution. anon no During the reckie the police were spotted nearby, on a seemingly unconnected incident, Mark was confident they would not be there when they left. After they drove past them once they disappeared.
03/08/2008-11/08/2008 Kingsnorth, Hoo Penninsula Kent Climate Camp Site take Drives a large “tat truck” hired by him containing scaffolding for the tripods for the Climate Camp as well as infrastructure for the camp. Goes in convoy with a minibus full of people to errect tripod. Truck contained £1,000 worth of equipment for the mass action, including specially made protective suits for public order situations. MK collected and stored action tat off site in some sort of lock up which belonged to a personal contact and only MK knew where it was. It was later needed for Smash EDO Mayday 2009 but he had disappeared. Sources think that the equipment has never been reclaimed. Kingsnorth Power Station, Hoo Climate Camp no The night before the site take the tripod crew and Mark are meant to stay together at an agreed safe house. Mark arrives typically late, is pretty confrontational and refuses to stay with the others, instead paying for a hotel room for the night and then meeting them in the morning, anon MK drove around London before the site take collating a lot of material for action support and worked with the Wombles. It was then confiscated by the police during their detailed search of the site shortly after the occupation. Following this, MK offered his card to be used for hiring vehicles and helping obtain equipment to replace what had been taken for the day of mass action.
January (2009) Strasbourg, France Anti-NATO Organising meeting Many different European countries represented at meeting, MK came didn't really participate but was present in all the talks. NATO Summit
January (2009) Ratcliffe-on-Soar, Nottingham Reckie Research Activists meet with MK, he agreed to drive activists on a reckie. He drove 4 people to the site. R-o-S power station Autonomous action Uses his own vehicle to take people to the site.
04/03/09 Strasbourg, France Anti-militarism Organising meeting anti-NATO protest Arrived with another now confirmed undercover, Marco Jacobs. Was very little involvement from the UK (was shortly after the G20 in London). Socialists did quite a lot of mobilising for it and organised coaches but little Anarchist involvement. NATO Summit Dissent! MK tells activists he is feeling very paranoid
March (2009) Copenhagen, Denmark Climate Justice Action Organising meeting Visits Copenhagen for the Climate Justice Action meeting. Stays at the apartment of the Danish activist. He arrives in Copenhagen by car with two other activists. He attends the meetings, but also engages in after meeting talks, where he takes the stand point that there should be organised more radical actions against the COP15, either in the form of a more radical network than the CJA or in the form of action-groups. He doesn't suggest anything concrete though. He stays for 5 days. Was present at a meeting to form a network to act alongside CJA- Never Trust A Cop, which was for militant responses to the COP15 summit. During his time spent in the CJA meetings it seems he mostly interacted with other internationals, mainly from Germany and based in the UK. COP15 CJA anon
March (2009) Nottingham Action planning Logistics Researches and submits list of necessary equipment to safely shut down the conveyor belts in the power station as part of the “Black Team”. Helps compile list for climbers of safety equipment. Met with an activist at his house to discuss doing another reckie but when the day comes MK says he is too tired and reckie doesn't happen. R-o-S power station Autonomous action Once again uses his SRT experience. Is enthused about the action saying it will be a genuine direct action as opposed to what he dismisses as media stunts such as banner drops etc.
2009 England CJA networking Recruitment Actively begins to recruit people from the UK to go to COP15 promoting the need for radical action, anti-capitalist politics and emphasising the well-organised nature of the protests and how "big" it is going to be. COP15 CJA MK was often reluctant to have too many political discussions, apart from with close friendsh. COP15 really “inspired” him, and he even started to write something about it to encoruage people to go.. He didn't go to COP15 in the end as he disappeared to “America” when he had his "breakdown" a couple of months before.
01/04/09 London Anti-G20 protest Protest at festival Mark was at the g20 and was outside both of the "kettles" by Bank and the Climate Camp. G20
04/04/09 Strasbourg, France Anti-militarism Anti-NATO protest MK set off from London the day after the G20 protests to go to Strasbourg. However, when he returned he said he'd been a bit too late and so hadn't been able to get to convergence space or close to any action. He told friends he had watched the riots from a cafe nearby once the border had been closed. After the riots in Strasbourg many people were arrested and a high level state investigation tracking “organisers”. NATO Summit Dissent! After the riots in Strasbourg many people are arrested and a high level state investigation tracking “organisers” etc begins. anon
11/04/09 Ratcliffe-on-Soar, Nottingham Reckie Research After a sighting of police cars by the power station MK agrees to go and do a reckie. Returns to the school where a small group of people are preparing briefings and equipment and says the police cars have gone. r-o-S power station Autonomous action
12/04/09 Sneinton, Notts Raid Briefing MK attends day long briefing which takes place in the school before the raid in the early hours of the morning, MK is arrested along with 113 people. MK originally said he would just drop people off in a vehicle at the site then leave, but agrees to climb. He plans to drive people and park up van then climb above a coal conveyor with the "black team" and hang a banner, then be suspended on a portaledge with another climber. He was quite excitable and said to several people how he felt it was a genuine direct action as it would stop a considerable amount of emissions. R-o-S power station Autonomous action MK allegedly is fitted with a wire and then proceeds to record the wire is used in combination with a state of the art Casio watch, described by Kennedy to enable his handlers to listen easily to conversations. He is the only person not to use Bindmans as his solicitor. He says he “doesn't trust them” (probably because it is illegal to lie to a solicitor). 87 people have their charges dropped. 26 are charged with “conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass”.
13/04/09 Sneinton, Notts Home searched Many people get their homes searched. MK says his is searched whilst he is in police custody .He said he was freaked out because he had a really dodgy past to hide. His finances and personal stuff being looked through could have compromised him. MK House MK is really shaken by the raid; which close friends find strange as he has boasted in the past about how many full-on actions he has participated in. Following the raid he moves out of his house, and later buys a canal boat. anon MK boasts to friends that he did a crossword puzzle during his 2nd interview when answering bail, and that he gave a “no comment” interview. The charging policy is unclear. Attempts by defendants to get clarity on charging policy during the Justification trial are unsuccessful, and application for disclosure for the Deniers causes their trial to collapse.
18/09/2010-20/09/10 Herefordshire 69ers party Party Along with several friends MK organises a party for his 40th birthday at a farm. The party lasts several days. MK invites several friends from Europe to attend; probably to gain credibility and show of his networks. Most people who organised the party didn't invite family as it was anticipated to be a munt-fest. The morning the party finishes he is noticeably depressed. He provided childhood pictures for a display like everyone else but was very careful to take them all down and take them with him at the end.
October (2009) London Disappears MK has hugely paranoid episode just before leaving the country..appears very agitated, depressed. Said he was being followed around London. Disappears to “visit his brother in America” following 69ers party. He isn't seen for several months, and has erratic contact with a few close friends during this time. MK confides in friends when on holiday that his home getting raided trigger his depression, and made him feel sad about his ongoing back pain. He returns in the spring and goes on holiday with friends to Scotland. He buys a canal boat, he says it is registered under a false name.
January (2010) Nottingham Returns from America. Stayed depressed on return, as ever, continues to drink heavily. The canal boat “Tamarisk” is bought whilst he is away and registered in a different name.
March (2010) Scotland MK holidays with friends. Is depressed at beginning of week but cheers up through out and climbs several mountains, seems to be more interested in politics again by the end of the week. Has several conversations during holiday about how depressed and paranoid he is.
13/04/2010-15/04/2010 Yorkshire and Nottingham Raids Sail Boat Project and ATC After two training weekends organised by the Sail Boat Project and the ATC individuals involved in both are visited by police. The ATC lock up is raided and people from the SBP have computers and other personal affects confiscated and are charged with “conspiracy to commit criminal damage “ at a power station in Yorkshire. MK is noticably shaken by these events. No evidence that he was part of the raids, but he was at the training weekend for the ATC prior to the raid. Individuals from the SBP are “raided” on the 10the June. A week later the ATC lock up is raided under the anti-terrorism act. Nothing is taken, although police damage the lock up and shipping container gaining entry. Several police officers spend 6 hours searching.
22/05/10 Nottingham Anti-EDL strategising meeting Organising meeting Returns from the states still noticably different (depressed, paranoid) but keen to re-engage with antifascist activity. Works with friends to organise a closed national meeting to talk about the EDL. He doesn't actually attend the meeting, or help promote it.
Early June (2010) Berlin Social visit Visited Berlin with a UK friend who left after 5 days but MK stayed on in Europe until early July. At least another week in Berlin, then Switzerland perhaps? A few days in late mid-late June accounted for when he was climbing with some UK friends in Italy. His story was that he had planned to be working on a wind farm in Austria but it fell through so he was at a loose end. Interesting that he spent a month on his own unaccounted for in Europe.
08/07/2010-11/07/2010 Italy Animal Rights gathering Animal Rights Went to international animal rights gathering and to hang out in Villa vegan squat in Milan. He didn't attend many workshops as he was giving climbing workshops. He planned to facilitate a discussion on repression but unclear if it went ahead. Dj's, plays guitar, makes friends. Spent time in the mountains. Drives to Italy for the gathering and goes on holiday after. On his way back to the UK his passport is spotted revealing his true name. Talks of different motives for going to gathering. Tells some friends he is going to share information on repression in the UK and surviellance, and others he is going to give climbing workshops. Bizarre shift for Mark to be engaging with AR, as he wasn't generally interested in animal rights, despite having several friends who are involved. Returns from Italy inspired by the militancy and organisation, and even attempts to go vegan for a few days. At the international gathering in Italy, there were some issues – feminist/people being disrespectful and rowdy - there which he felt disappointed about.
31/07/2010-09/08/2010 Derbyshire, England Earth First! Gathering Earth First! He helped with set up. Organises climbing workshops, reads poems at open mic night, feedback from the AR gathering. Helps organise ATC meeting there. Doesn't attend 114 workshop that is given there. Goes to workshop on infiltrators and grasses. Noticeably paranoid about the “security” of the ATC lock-up encourages comrades to find new secure lock up. Gives his email for sign up sheet at infiltrators workshop as “” this is his private investigation company email address. Appears agitated and paranoid during gathering, several friends concerned. He was very drunk and a little volatile on the last night.
27/08/2010-30/08/2010 England Animal Rights gathering Animal Rights He did a couple of climbing workshops and mentioned he was up for doing some more skillshares and was up for doing some climbing actions - banner-drops, etc. He was part of mediation team. He also had a walkie-talkies as part of the site "security" people and was a first aider as well as helping another friend out with building, electricity, plumbing and so on. He compared the open mike night. Again, strange as most of Mark's friends were at Shambala where as he drove marquees to the AR gathering and stayed the whole time. As with djing he often did comparing/poetry at entertainment for events, such as gatherings and camps. He organised all the marquee hire to the AR gathering. Despite friends attempts, Mark had never been into AR and veganism, so people were pretty happy when he said he'd be coming to the UK gathering after all and would be up for doing climbing workshops. Possibly this coincides with when he was touting for business with his Tokra company, in order to get access to info he could then sell on to other companies after leaving the police force. He was also going to do a "Fit for Action" stall at the Alternative Vegan Fayre organised in London.
September (2010) Italy Social visit MK hung out at Milan squat a little but only a for a few days out of few weeks of holiday. He reinforces friendships with activists through climbing, but again its a social visit.
04/10/10 Nice, France Planning meeting for Nice G8 Dissent! Contacts Dissent! France offering the services of the ATC without informing the rest of the collective (who obviously support Dissent! But are unaware of this). Offers to help with logitistics etc.
10/10/2010-12/10/2010 Hamburg, Germany Anti-repression gathering Animal Rights Registered at a anti-repression conference in Hamburg in October, 2 weeks before his exposure, that was organized by and for animal rights activists. He didn't go in the end. Quote from the email he sent to the gathering: “I am coming from the perspective of experiencing repression in the UK both personally and in support of those that have been imprisoned for their actions. Similar styles of repression are being experienced across Europe and I am grateful for you hosting this conference so discussions and solidarity may be shared.” He also requested a translator. Interesting that he doesn't mention his previous involvement with groups in Germany,
end oct 2010 EXPOSURE, Nottingham MK who has been away for a few weeks is contacted by some of his close friends and told to return to Notts, where he is confronted and confessed to having been an undercover police officer 2000-2009. The Mark Kennedy passport (valid 98-08) had an American work visa, expiry date 2013 (start unknown).

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