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I am an investigative reporter and specialized activist living in Amsterdam. After finishing university (polical science) in 1984 I co-founded the Jansen & Janssen bureau, a spin-off from the powerful squatters movement of the eighties. With the bureau I have been monitoring police and secret services, supporting social activist groups against oppressive surveillance tactics of authorities. I have been publishing in both activist and mainstream media, on the Internet, and have produced books on related subjects mainly in Dutch.

The past few years I have specialized in corporate intelligence and PR-strategies of multinationals against their critics - including net-activists. This resulted in: Battling Big Business, countering greenwash, front groups and other forms of corporate bullying. The book has been published in 2002, in the UK, the US and in Australia (and in French!). The Dutch translation appeared in November that year.

Since, I've worked as a freelance publicist for some time while breeding on European variation of PR-Watch. And yes, November 2004, we've officially launched SpinWatch, go have a look! The SpinWatch newsletter is sort of a continuation of the Pandora Newsletter which I have been producing since working on the BBBbook.

I intend to continue research in this field as a freelance researcher, an activist as well as an academic. October 2004 I started a PhD project at the Strathclyde University in Glasgow focusing on the links between Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate surveillance and spying. Read my blog about my research into covert corporate counterstrategies.