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Renwick is on the board with Simon Heale who is connected with Brunswick PR --David 23:30, 25 Jan 2007 (GMT)

And what to think of this, also a Hakluyt guy:

Lord Peter Inge

He was a member of the Butler Inquiry team, chaired by Robin Butler, Baron Butler of Brockwell, that determined that the intelligence used to declare Iraq's possession of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was flawed. When Inge was appointed to sit in judgment on whether our spies were wrong about Iraq or whether their messages were distorted, he was still a member of the Hakluyt Foundation, a supervisory board for Hakluyt, a firm which hires former MI6 agents to work for private companies like Shell and BP. Today, Lord Inge is also a consultant to BAE Systems, Vickers plc., Investcorp (a Middle Eastern bank), and OWR AG (a German firm making gas masks, protective suits, decontamination trailers and other specialist protection against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare). Since 2003, the year it was created, Lord Inge is the non-executive chairman of Aegis Defence Services, a London-based company which offers mercenaries and related services to governments at war. Aegis was awarded a $293 million contract by the Pentagon in May 2004 to act as the "coordination and management hub" for the fifty-plus private security companies in Iraq. They also contributed seventy-five teams of eight armed civilians each to assist and protect the Project Management Office of the United States and provided protection for the Oil-for-Food Program inquiry. The CEO of Aegis is Lt. Col. Tim Spicer, a former officer of the SAS and a former CEO of Sandline International.

I've got someone who is on Evelyn Le Chene's company AND a director of Aegis....

This is one of these moments where I get slightly dizzy - all the bad guys piling up....

More on this Peter Inge (you know him?) Army Officer 1956-97; Commissioned Green Howards 1956; Served Hong Kong, Malaya, Germany, Libya and UK; ADC to GOC, 4 Division 1960-61; Adjutant, 1 Green Howards 1963-64; Student, Staff College 1966; Ministry of Defence 1967-69; Company Commander, 1 Green Howards 1969-70; Student, Joint Services Staff College 1971; BM, 11 Armoured Brigade 1972; Instructor, Staff College 1973-74; CO, 1 Green Howards 1974-76; Commandant, Junior Division, Staff College 1977-79; Commander, Task Force C/4 Armoured Brigade 1980-81; Chief of Staff, HQ 1 (BR) Corps 1982-83; Colonel, The Green Howards 1982-94; GOC, NE District and Commander 2nd Infantry Division 1984-86; Director General, Logistic Policy (Army), Ministry of Defence 1986-87; Commander, 1st (Br) Corps 1987-89; Colonel Commandant, Royal Military Police 1987-92; Commander, Northern Army Group and C-in-C, BAOR 1989-92; ADC General to HM The Queen 1991-94; Chief of the General Staff 1992-94; promoted to the rank of Field Marshal in 1994; Chief of the Defence Staff 1994-97; Constable, HM Tower of London 1996-2001; Raised to the peerage as Baron Inge, of Richmond in the County of North Yorkshire 1997; President of the British-German Officers' Association; Member of the Board and Council of St. George's House at Windsor Castle; Deputy Chairman of Historic Royal Palaces; Member of Council of Marlborough College; Member of the Council of the Interfaith Dialogue; Commissioner of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea; Member of the Council of King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes; Freeman of the City of London; Member of the Order of the Bath; Member of the Order of the Garter; Member of the Privy Council since 2004;

I would say, put all the above on the page. If you want to leave a message for me: go to my talk page In the meantime it really is Renwick and not Rendwick. See the House of Lords register:

--David 09:30, 30 Jun 2006 (BST)

still don't get this talk thing

anyway, what do you think? look good no?

can you send me the reference Renwick Russian Oil again?

I had put it on this page, without saving it, and then you came along...

British American Project

Hi Eveline (copying to David)

I've transferred a bunch of material called "Influencing New Labour" from a Globalisation page on the BAP onto the BAP page proper, and it's now at:

it needs quite a bit of basic editing but don't want to spend too much time on it unless someone who knows a bit about this field confirms that this section is basically sound in content (seems credible to me but the writing style needed, and still needs, work). can you let me know if you see anything obviously out-of-left-field in it? if you think it's OK I will edit some more.

thanks --Claire Robinson 11:16, 2 April 2009 (UTC)