London Centre for the Study of Anti-Americanism

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The London Centre for the Study of Anti-Americanism was founded by Conservative Party activist Tim Montgomerie in 2008. Its website was called AmericaInTheWorld (AITW) and was maintained until March 2011.

AITW described itself as 'a cross-party organisation' and listed Labour MP David Cairns and Tory MP John Hayes as its parliamentary chairmen in Britain.[1]


David Cameron, then leader of the UK Conservative Party, was guest of honour at the London launch of AITW in October 2008 and other launches were reportedly planned in Washington DC and 'other major capital cities'.


The organisation aimed to combat anti-Americanism and to 'make a positive case for a continuing leading role for America in the world'. Its manifesto reads:

America remains the world's indispensable nation. A world without American economic, political, military and scientific leadership would struggle to overcome many of its greatest challenges.
Anti-Americanism is a persistent problem but it has become uglier and less reasonable in recent years, endangering the possibilities of co-operation between the USA and its international allies.
No single politician or strategy can cure the cultural, economic and political sources of anti-Americanism but more needs to be done to restore America's global standing.
Many of the most popular strategies for tackling anti-Americanism involve America retreating from her strategic interests and ethical obligations. They also risk transferring too much power to multilateral institutions that are ill-equipped to assume global leadership.
Anti-Americanism is not just America's problem. America's international allies have been too slow to shoulder their responsibilities in combating prejudices against the USA.
International media - the world's second superpower - plays an important role in shaping attitudes to America. American public diplomacy and new, internet-based media can play an important role in ensuring that this role is discharged more fairly.[2]

Declaration Against Anti-Americanism

AITW called on people to sign its Declaration Against Anti-Americanism which read:

Ours is a better world because of America. The world is safer because of the American soldier. The world is wealthier because of American enterprise. The world is healthier because of American technology. No nation is perfect, but imagine the world without America. I reject anti-Americanism. I declare myself a friend of the United States of America.[3]


According to the website of America In The World, the organisation was 'launched and funded by supporters of America in London and around the world'. It states: 'We have not received, nor will we ever seek, funds from the US government or US corporates' while noting in its FAQs that 'some Americans may give through our online donations facility.'[4]


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