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LogicaCMG is a UK-based global telecommunications, information technology and management consultancy company. It is quoted on the London Stock Exchange and Euronext Amsterdam, and is a member of the FTSE 250 index of shares. As of 2006, the company is active in 42 countries and nearly has 40,000 employees. In 2003, it realised a turnover of 1.4 billion GBP (2.1 billion US$ ; 1.2 billion EUR).

Overview and history

Logica was founded in 1969 by Len Taylor, Philip Hughes and Pat Coen. The company started life as a systems integration business at the same time as the birth of the mini computer. The majority of projects undertaken at that time exploited the flexibility and power of these machines. Important projects included the control systems for the natural gas grids in the UK and the Netherlands, Hydrocarbon Reserves Volume Management systems, the automated clearing system for the UK banks, the computerization of the new stock exchange in Hong Kong, and the customer service system for British Telecom, the control system for the Eutelsat satellite constellation as well as numerous projects for the European Space Agency including the software for the successful Huygens mission to Titan. Logica undertook significant product developments for IBM. Logica is credited with the development of the Teletext system for the BBC.

Logica set up operating subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, the United States and elsewhere as well as joint ventures in Hong Kong with Jardine Matheson and Italy with Finsiel and one with British Airways.

It now has over 40,000 employees operating in 41 countries across the globe. Total turnover of 14 billion euros and at present is number one in application management and holds 12th position among all companies in the world.

The company was the first software company to be floated on the London Stock Exchange on 26 October 1983. Company projects include the strategic partnership with the Crown Prosecution Service known as COMPASS, which has included the development of a Case Management System (CMS), and ERNIE - the system which randomly generates premium bond numbers.


The Company has made a number of acquisitions in the United States, Germany, Sweden, France and Australia; however none of these has proved to be very successful. The acquisition of Aldiscon in Ireland brought Logica into the text messaging business which was to prove very lucrative. In 2002 the Company merged with CMG.

The merger of Logica (60%) with CMG / Admiral (40%), on December 30, 2002, represented the union of an established technology firm (Logica) with an established consulting firm (CMG).

In 2006, LogicaCMG purchased the French company Unilog. As of October 10, 2006, the Swedish IT company WM-data is a subsidiary of LogicaCMG.


LogicaCMG is a prominent IT consulting firm, but does not advertise widely and is shy of general public attention. As a consequence of this relative obscurity, the LogicaCMG marketing literature that does exist lists various 'wow factors' that people may be surprised by:

  • LogicaCMG systems supports the missions of over 150 orbiting satellites.
  • LogicaCMG solutions handle more than half the world's foreign exchange traffic.
  • LogicaCMG systems process two out of every three text messages sent in the world.
  • LogicaCMG has delivered one out of every four multi-media messaging centres installed by wireless service providers across the globe.
  • LogicaCMG HR outsourcing services process more than $90 billion of salaries globally each year.

LogicaCMG in Scotland

LogicaCMG's customers in Scotland include some of the biggest and most reputable companies, such as Scottish Power, Scottish & Southern Energy, the Scottish Executive, Scottish Electricity Settlements Limited (SESL), Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA), Royal Bank of Scotland, HBoS, as well as Shell and BP's Scottish operations. The most recent new contract for LogicaCMG in Scotland is the award of the GBP9.5 million order to develop and support document and records management systems for the Department for International Development (announced 3 August 2004).[1]


LogicaCMG plc board members

Executive committee members

LogicaCMG Scotland




PR and lobbying firms

Lobbying spending

In 2005 LogicaCMG paid $20,000 to lobby firm Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds LLP[4]

Lobbyist/Firm: Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds LLP
Client: LogicaCMG PLC, management and information technology consultancy
Date of Registration: Feb. 23, 2005
Issues: "Advance the use of cell broadcasting as a means of an emergency warning system"Source


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