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Helmut Mamsch is a non-executive director of GKN plc and SAPPI Limited and the Non-Executive Chairman of Electrocomponents plc[1]. He is the former senior independent non-executive director and deputy chairman of LogicaCMG. Mamsch retired in November 2006 after nine years as a director for both Logica and LogicaCMG. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Cemex Deutschland AG]][2]. . Mamsch is formely Supervisory Board member of K&S Aktiengesellschaft, Management Board member of VEBA AG (now E.ON AG) and non-executive director of RMC Group plc. He was concurrently, since 1998, chairman of VEBA Electronics Inc, St Clara/USA and MEMC Electronic Materials Inc, St Peters/USA. He was also previous the chairman of Stinnes AG[3].


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