Limehouse Group of Analysts

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The Limehouse Group of Analyst calls itself an "informal association of professional commentators". According to its website it "It came about during a working dinner in the house of one of our number" and has "been meeting for nearly a decade".[1] The members' association is from their participation in the weekly radio programme SITREP which discussed defence and geopolitical issues and is broadcast by British Forces Broadcasting Service Radio 2.[2]


  • Major General J H A Thompson CB OBE, soldier, military historian, commentator on current defence matters
  • Martin McCauley, author, senior lecturer at the university of London on Eastern Europe, China and the new terrorism
  • Hazhir Teimourian, writer and commentator on Middle Eastern history, politics and terrorism
  • Christopher Lee, historian of Britain, commentator on defence and strategic matters
  • Eric Grove, author, historian, self-employed strategic analyst and defence consultant
  • Christabel King, commentator on the media, teacher of broadcast journalism at City University, London
  • Edward Foster, expert on British and NATO defence structures and European cooperation


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