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Khalid Mahmood (born 13 July 1961 in Kashmir, Pakistan) is a Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom. He has been Member of Parliament for Birmingham Perry Barr since the 2001 general election. In the 2015 general election, Mahmood retained his seat once again, gaining a majority of 14,828. [1]

He is a graduate of UCE Birmingham and a former engineer with a trade union background. He was a Birmingham City Councillor from 1990-1993, resigning his seat after leaving the city to work in Kuwait.


The five myths Muslims must deny

In November 2001, an article was published under Mahmood's name supportive of the war against Afghanistan headlined The Five Myths Muslims Must Deny: "Our obligation," the article stated, "is to separate myth from reality, lies from truth and start making clear judgments on where we see our duty, responsibility and future."[2] A few days later, however, it was revealed that the Observer article had not in fact been written by Mahmood, but by Labour Friends of Israel Policy Council member and then Foreign Office minister, Denis MacShane; Mahmood agreed to put his name to the article after Lord Ahmed of Rotherham refused. Mahmood's actions were condemned by Inayat Bunglawala from the Muslim Council of Britain, who said: "MacShane then found Mahmood – universally regarded as being not exactly the brightest spark in parliament – to be a more willing instrument for his scheme."[3]




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