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Interel was created in 1983 and describes itself[1] as 'a leading strategic communications and public affairs consultancy in continental Europe'. It goes on to add that the 'company is a full service consultancy managing assignments ranging from reputation management to financial communications, consumer PR and European Public Affairs'.

Interel is a member of the Hasgrove Group of companies[2] alongside Amaze, Connectpoint Group, Odyssey, Pavilion and The Chase[3].


In January 2008, Interel describe their Management as comprising[4]...

Schuybroek also serves as Chair of the International Development Group for Public Relations Organisation International[6].

  • Fredrik Lofthagen - Chief Executive. Lofthagen's biography[7] describes how he joined Interel in 1996 as a public affairs consultant and became Director in 1997 (to develop the company’s EU Public Affairs practice). He became Partner and Managing Director in 1999 and Group Chief Executive in 2006. He is a Member of the Board of the Society of European Affairs Professionals. His previous involvements include employment with the Law Society of England and Wales and he has also served as a practicing lawyer with Belgian law firm De Bandt, van Hecke and Lagae (now part of Linklaters). He is the co-author of EU-Initiatives (a guide to all major EU legislative proposals) and lectures regularly on EU affairs and campaign management.
  • Tom Parker - Managing Director, European Public Affairs Practice. Parker's biography[10] describes how he has been with Interel for nine years and took the position of Managing Director in 2006. Parker's previous involvements include 'two years with a leading international consultancy, specialising in health and environmental policy and a leading UK law firm' (names of organisations not disclosed). His biography also states that he 'is a regular lecturer on EU affairs, is on the editorial board of a number of leading publications reporting on developments at the EU level and is a member of the Society of European Public Affairs Professionals (SEAP)'.
  • Jan Van Heuverswyn - Managing Director, Specialist Services. Van Heuverswyn's biography[11] describes how he 'heads the “Specialist Services” division of Interel which includes the Interel Training Centre (ITC), the EU Representation & Associations Management division and the International PR activities. He also continues working as a consultant on Corporate assignments'. Van Heuverswyn started his career at Agoria (the Multisector Federation for the Technology Industry) and in 1983 was appointed to the cabinet of Minister G. Geens (Minister-President of the Government of Flanders) with responsibility for international relations and economic development. He also previously served as Director of Communication for Dexia Bank and Fortis (two major Belgian financial institutions).
  • Baudouin Velge - Managing Director, Interel Public Relations & Public Affairs. Velge's biography[12] describes how he is a Member of the Board of two BEL20 companies (Bekaert and Cofinimmo) and is Member of the Advisory Board of BT Benelux. Velge was preiously CEO of the Federation of Belgian Retailers (Fedis), a Member of the Board (& Manager of the Economic Department, 1996 to 2004) of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium VBO-FEB and of the European Federation of Retailers Eurocommerce. He also previously served as Attache of the Department of Economic Studies of the National Bank of Belgium (1983), served Philips Electronics Group between 1987 to 1991 and served as General Manager of Cobac Services Belgium and Secretary of the Board of Directors Cobac S.A. (part of the Cobac Group, now known as Euler-Hermes). He also previously served as Deputy Chairman of the Central Economic Council and Member of the Board of Directors of Ducroire/Delcredere. Velge has also served as Lecturer in Macroeconomics at the Universities of Pennsylvania, Leuven, St-Louis and EHSAL.


In January 2008, Interel list partnerships with the following 'partner networks'[13]...


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