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  • Public Relations Organisation International lists clients for their affiliated companies
  • Businessweek lists board member affiliations... check this out further for others, may prove a useful resource elsewhere.

Lynn's to do list (that never quite got finished)

  • I need to read through the Scottish Widows Policy reports (re the links David sent by email 11thFeb) and add anything relevant. All the other relevant info from the other Scottish Widows links are in.
  • I’ll have a look at Geoff Mulgan’s page for Claire.

Matthew Freud

most of this page is now done. all that remains is the section below which has info that needs source/backed up before including back into the page:

He also organised a large party for Young Labour at the World Famous Palace Discotheque in Blackpool at their 1998 Conference. Hosted by Chris Evans (one of Freud's PR clients) it cost £20,000, paid for by Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB.

Matthew Freud is one of the most powerful PR men in London. He gave Mandelson PR advice during the secret loan scandal that cost him his job. He donated the use of his West End offices to Frank Dobson's campaign for London Mayor (part of 'a long-standing arrangement with the local Party'). Dobson's supporters used the offices as a base to phone round high-profile Labour members.

He also a close friend of Task Force members Lord Alli (Freud handled the publicity for Lord Alli's Big Breakfast TV programme) and James Palumbo of the Ministry of Sound. He is also involved with clickmusic, an internet music directory set up by Robert Devereux and Alan McGee.

He co-owns expensive restaurants like Marco Pierre-White's Quo Vadis and Damian Hirst's Pharmacy. He has shares in Oxygen Holdings, an internet investment company (Elisabeth Murdoch is also an investor). He is a partner in Yoo, a property company, with Philippe Starck and John Hitchcox (one of the men behind the Millennium Loft Company). In the brochure for Yoo, he says he has played 'a significant role in redifining the PR the front-line art form of controlled media manipulation.' He sold Freud Communications in 1994 for £10 million, but stayed on in charge of the company as part of the deal. He has repeatedly said that he wants to be appointed to the House of Lords. Freud Communications' income in 1999 was £6,690,000[1].

  1. available through search function on red star research