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Robert Devereux is Richard Branson's brother-in-law. He has a stake in Virgin and property worth £35 million. He was Chairman of the Virgin Entertainment Group (he launched Virgin Net) until the end of 1999, when he left to set up clickmusic, an internet music directory, with Alan McGee and Bob Geldof. He is still Chairman of Virgin Publishing. He is also Chairman of Film Networks (a cinema company), Babington House (a hotel company), Click TV (a television company) and is involved in Adhoc Publishing, another internet company.

He gave £5000 or more to the Labour Party in 1997 and 1998 and has been rewarded with chairmanship of the Government's Creative Industries Task Force on the Internet. He was also appointed to the board of the South Bank Centre by Chris Smith in June 1999. He went to Cambridge University. [1]