European Corporate Governance Institute

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According to its website 'The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) was founded in 2002. It has been established to improve corporate governance through fostering independent scientific research and related activities.'[1]. The website is a little opaque on who was responsible for creating it. However close attention reveals that it was 'set up by the European Commission to examine best practices in Member States with a view to enhancing the convergence of national corporate governance codes and providing advice to the Commission.'[2] One of its projects is the Transatlantic Corporate Governance Dialogue[3]

The website is developed by Jeremy Miller who also registered the website for the European Public Affairs Consultants Association


Mr Paul Arlman | Fabrizio Barca, General Director for Development, Italian Treasury | Professor Theodor Baums, Director of the Institute for Banking Law, Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität | Professor Marco Becht, Professor of Finance and Economics, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) | Professor Erik Berglof, Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development | Professor Sudipto Bhattacharya, Professor of Finance, London School of Economics and Political Science | Professor Patrick Bolton, Barbara and David Zalaznick Professor of Business, Columbia Business School | Mr Antonio Borges, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International | Professor Paul Davies, Cassel Professor of Commercial Law, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) | Professor Mathias Dewatripont, Professor of Economics, Université Libre de Bruxelles | Professor Guido Ferrarini, Professor of Business Law and Capital Markets Law, University of Genoa | Mr Léo Goldschmidt, Honorary Managing Partner, Bank Degroof | Professor Bengt Holmström, Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics, MIT | Professor Klaus Hopt, Director, Max-Planck Institut für Ausländisches und Internationales Privatrecht | Professor Jan Pieter Krahnen, Chair of Corporate Finance, Center for Financial Studies (CFS) | Professor Colin Mayer, Peter Moores Dean and Professor of Management Studies, Said Business School, University of Oxford | Professor Marco Pagano, Professor, Facoltà di Economia, Università di Napoli Federico II | Professor Richard Portes, Professor of Economics, London Business School | Professor Rafael Repullo, Professor of Economics, Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI) | Professor Ailsa Roell, Professor of international and public affairs, School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University | Professor Jean Tirole, Scientific Director, Institut d'Economie Industrielle | Professor Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, Professor of Economics, University of Mannheim | Professor David Webb, Professor of Finance, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) | Professor Eddy Wymeersch, Chairman, CESR[4]